Etheric Double

Etheric Double

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When a woman is pregnant there is a certain amount of energy that needs to be had for the baby.  This energy is naturally fed to the orwgnant woman through cosmic channels.  It is a naturally occurring thinf and is just part of the life we exist in. 


The energy that is left over after childbirth is remitted back into the atmosphere as a group of characteristics known as an Etheric Double. 


Etheric doubles are no souls nor are the entities.  They are simply energetic compilations of the characteristics and traits of a person, the same ones that they have, that float around in the astral realms.


This piece holds a power that allows you to access the Etheric Double of any individual that you desire.  If you want to have the religious wisdom of the pope you could call upon his Etheric Double.  If you want to be able to sing like Beyonce you can call upon her Etheric Doubles.  If you want to be super rich, conjure the Etheric Double of Bill Gates.


When using this piece you will assume the best traits of the person whose Etheric Double you call upon.  It will give you their talent.  You can call upon anybody's double, dead or alive.  

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