Extreme Wealth of the New Royals

Extreme Wealth of the New Royals

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Part of Today I will be offering all costume pieces. These ones have been done differently, because we have created an energy to put into them that will allow the powers that we have put into them to be placed into a different piece, using a charging box. We did this for two reasons-- 1.) If you don't feel like wearing costume and you'd rather have this power in sterling or gold, you can create it. 2.) To make them more affordable. Remember, the 2018 Christmas sale ends in 6 days-- use code "xmas18" at checkout for 50% off this item until 01/01/19.

This piece was created by a group of people who claim to have the bloodline of the Queen. They are an underground group of magic practitioners in Montreal that calls themselves the New Royalty. They have adopted some of the same practices of the original Royal Family in England, including the blood rituals and human sacrifice that goes on in England. The movement has grown to include some locally renowned politicians; however, you'd never know it. They keep the very existence of the group hush-hush in order to not create a public stir or outcry. Either way, I can assure you that some of the disappearances that have happened in Montreal and the surrounding areas. The disappearances are then covered up or made to look like accidents. They're not, but have a good time proving it. Everything has been covered up.

Either way, if they aren't descendants of the Royal Family, you'd have a hard time persuading me. This is because they're magic is so spot on. This piece, for instance, is a wealth item. It grants the wealth that is needed in the life of the person who wears it with such precision that it is nearly impossible to fathom that the magic didn't come from Royal blood. Whatever the case, this piece is an extreme wealth piece and it works amazingly. All you have to do is wear the piece. It comes pre-activated. Give the energies in this piece a chance to mesh with your own energies and the results will be MAGICAL. You will begin to gain wealth in the areas of your life that are most needed in ways that you never even thought possible! There really isn't much more to say about this piece, because the wealth is the only thing it can be used for. God save the Queen!

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