Eye of the Delphic Oracle

Eye of the Delphic Oracle

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We created this piece with an original artifact from the oldest shipwreck known to man.  The ship was Greek, so it shouldn't be a mystery that onboard the ship, found in the middle of the Black Sea, there were magical relics some 2,400 years old!  This relic was sent to us from an anonymous source telling us only where it came from.  We figured out the rest.  

The piece you are getting is not the original relic, as that piece was extremely fragile.  Rather, we have put the magic into a more durable piece.  The magic remains the same.  This piece is a correspondence piece between you and the Delphic Oracle.  Sure the Delphic Oracle existed in ancient times, but that's the nice thing about non-linear time.  Ancient times still exist somewhere out in the universe and as long as they do this piece will give you a connection to the Oracle.  

When using this piece, you will be given a direct connection to the Oracle who you will only sense in telekinetic form.  She will show you your future.  You will be able to see what will happen to your life if you live out the path that you are on now.  If there is something you wish to change about your future, you will convey this via thoughtform to the Oracle.  In turn, she will make it happen.

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