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There is no such thing as a Djinn type called Eye of the Tiger but we call this one that because it is extremely focused.

This is a very powerful Blue Djinn that is totally focused on getting what you want and doing it in the most friendly way.

This djin is on a necklace from Express with a real Tiger eye as the main pendant. This Djin's name is Kritinia you say it Krit tin i ah.

Things we have used Kritinia for, gaining fast sums of money for many things. Helping the crazy down the street not get arrested for stalking. Stopping the mail lady from her non stop gossip! Letting the mail lady know I won't take her shit and what will happen if she doesn't stop. Making a doctors ball sack hurt like a bitch! My latest usage of this fantastic djinn was when I went to Chinese and was sat by these foul mouthed thugs. I heard the word nigger so many times I began to think it was acceptable. Nigger was followed by bitches and hoes and all other wonderful types of conversation. These thugs were like the MS13 type, gross, foul and didn't deserve to live. Apparently they thought a certain amount of black people around were way to many niggers for them. So my wonderful little djinn made sure some black people come up behind them and heard them. Oh how that was a sight to see!

After dealing with the Thuggies that needed huggies I decided to get a few sums of money for a friend. I got a email from them saying that some miracle happened for them and I knew it had to be! Trust me I know the situation but they are always in a situation so it gets tiresome. Either way in all the ways this was tested it worked just fine!

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