Eyes of the Soulless | STAR
Eyes of the Soulless | STAR

Eyes of the Soulless | STAR

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Many theories are flying around these days about Pope Francis and generally most people in positions of power. After recently finding hard evidence that Pope Francis is working diligently to raise Satan as the God of the New World and is possessed by demons himself, this is only really a cherry on top of the cake. We've been watching Pope Francis consistently alongside other figures of power such as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and David Rockefeller. Even though Pope Benedict XVI was succeeded by Pope Francis, we haven't allowed him to escape our notice.

All of these individuals are possessed by demons and they're getting increasingly sloppy with keeping that fact hidden. It was once assumed based on behavior and the things they said, which could have been interpreted differently depending on who was listening but now there is physical evidence that is beginning to make itself known on their physical beings.

The human body is not always capable of housing demons for too long without it beginning to deteriorate under the strain of the evil power. Depending on the demon, this could take time to make itself known. However, if embodied with more than one demon, the process could be accelerated. We and many others have suspected these individuals to be under the command of Satan for quite some time. The fact that we are beginning to be able to see it right before out eyes really could mean a number of things. Either they are housing more demons than they are capable, they've been housing them for too long, or they are possessed by an extraordinarily strong demon.

It is most visible in their eyes and this can be viewed in pictures or in person. Light does not reach their eyes, they are always clouded and their pupils are always dilated. This is one of the biggest signs that someone is possessed by something paranormal. The area around their eyes have grown darker and almost purple and they don't seem to make much effort to conceal this. It makes one wonder if perhaps something is going on that leaves them negligent over their secrets?

We were recently in contact with David Rockefeller, who we met in secret a few months ago. When we showed up, we noticed Rockefeller was present alongside Pope Benedict XVI, Jacob Rothschild, Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis. They were waiting there and their forms appeared to be translucent. We weren't sure what would happen but we chose to not carry out the meeting for fear of what might take place, especially after a previous experience we had with Pope Francis himself.

That night we were visited by what appeared to be a spectral light. It presented us with an item, it had a voice and it warned us that the Elite Six were not happy and that this piece must be kept from them. They had intended to capture us and probably silence us because of all the things we know. We were on the first flight back the next morning.

It allows the wearer to possess the ability of tactile illusion, which makes it so that anything you touch you can choose to have it appear differently to other people. It allows the brief halt of time, during which you can alter whatever you see fit. It allows the control of other people's sense and emotions. Additionally, you can temporarily leave your physical being and enter that of another and control them as you see fit.

We have tested this item diligently and can confirm that it has no magic trail, which makes it untraceable. They cannot find you through this piece.

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