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This is a service for those people who want to be sure about who they are friends with or who they want a relationship with. This service is NEVER wrong! Life is short so why waste time?

If you are dating someone and want to know if they are okay or a negative person or just right for you then you will submit some facial pictures or at least pictures where the face can be seen easily. 

It is asked that you send a picture of yourself and the person. It is not about what you look like, good looking or not. This is a psychic reading that is dead on accurate. If you are looking to put time into someone then I would go for it.

A service such as this can make or break your life because time should not be wasted. If they are okay and good for you, you will be told so. This doesn't mean you shouldn't work on your relationship it just means you didn't hook up with someone bad that later on down the road you will regret.

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