False Realities and the Order of Enlightened Oculists

False Realities and the Order of Enlightened Oculists

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In order for you to gain a full comprehension of what I'm about to tell you and of the piece that I'm going to offer you, I'm going to need to you to forget about everything that you have ever known to exist.  I need you to be totally void of your perception of reality. This is because reality as you know it doesn't exist. Reality is essentially a secret that has been locked up and the reality that you experience is simply a reality that has been fed to you by your creator.  You were designed this way by God in order to experience what is called blind faith, so that way you could make a choice of your own free will. We are the only beings that were born with free will, and so we were the only beings that were born blinded to reality. This way, we didn't make a choice based on the grandiosities that we knew to exist, rather than how we really felt.  I know it seems very complicated, but I promise I'm going to explain it all in great detail.

Before the 1740s there existed many lodges and franchises of the Freemasons.  Prior to this time, the Freemasons were the "it" child of the supernatural world.  They claimed to have the secrets of the universe with their 33rd Degree metaphysical powers.  I'm not going to say that these powers didn't make a difference or give them an advanced enlightenment.  What I will say is that even with these forms of enlightenment, the group wasn't given the powers that allowed them to be rebirthed apart from the false realities that they were being fed that were controlled by the Church.  In fact, in 1738 the Church decided that it was time to ban Freemasonry and all forms of enlightened thinking. The reason behind this was, the reality that normal humans see was always placed into the care of holy people that were picked by the hands of God.  At first, these holy folks were true to God's intentions. However, with the addition of free will to their chemistry, these people didn't have to obey God's command if they chose not to. That's how they powers with which they were entrusted became perverse. They eventually sold these powers to the rich and powerful people of times, after just generations of keeping the sacred.  

The new holders of the power only allowed humanity to see what they wanted them to see.  Each person was born into a falsely created reality where they were limited to what they could physically see or do.  You see, the sense of the body cannot distinguish reality from non-reality. They can only interpret what they see and send signals to the brain.  The brain processes what it sees and then tells your body how to react. Therefore, if you are seeing a false reality that you have known to be true from birth and the people born before you know this to be true also, then whatever you see and experience is going to become your own reality.  This is why the ancients were so much more spiritually advanced than we are. They were not governed by the jurisdiction of the people that controlled the reality. In those times, the powers were still held by the chosen ones of God, who shared true knowledge with those who deserved it.

Over time though, this true knowledge and reality have been hidden from humankind because power hungry and corrupt regimes have overtaken the world.  It began with the Catholic Church. What institution is better to control the world than religion? It plays on the heartstrings of humanity whom they tell will rot in damnation if they don't abide by every single thing that they are told.  This totally ironic given the fact that God instituted free will at the creation of humanity. However, religion remains the opium of the people and they follow blindly and will continue to follow blindly until they are given a reason not to. Perception of a true reality would give them this reason not to follow and so the Catholics hide true awakening from people so that way the could control them.  Even atheists who believe in nothing or people who prescribe to other beliefs are following blindly because until exist apart from the matrix of reality that has been given to humanity you are part of it. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It's just in our nature.

Now, there exists a group of people who hold ancient powers and the ability to give transformation to those who seek it.  They are the descendants of the people who originally held the secrets when they were divulged and they continue to give this awakening to people whom they deem are worthy.  They are called the Great Enlightened Society of Oculists. An Oculist is essentially what you would consider an eye doctor. Eye doctors are experts and learned folks who know all that there is to know about the eye and how it works and how it feeds information to the brain.  The Enlightened Society of Oculists is a hidden, very secret society that has not only been given the secrets to the eyes, which are the windows to the soul, but they have been given the secrets of how to give enlightenment that removes the blocks that were placed there at their birth.  This way, humanity can experience reality as it was meant to be experienced-- but more on that later. Let's go back to 1738 when the Freemasons, who are lightweight compared to the Oculists were banned by the Church. It was because the church feared that they had somehow gotten their hands on the knowledge that would allow them to reverse the coverage that was given to humanity at birth, thus disallowing them to create massive illusions that were fed to the public through sensory misconceptions of reality.  

It was during this time that the most that has ever been noted by the Oculists took place.  The Freemasons were essentially disbanded and broken down into smaller covert groups who no longer met with confidence, but had to take to hiding in basements and other covert meeting places for fear of persecution from the church.  Numbers for the Freemasons began to dwindle and what was, in effect, a resurgence of people who demanded knowledge, became nothing more than a secret uprising. It was then that the Oculists began to take charge, giving truth and knowledge to those Freemasons that deserved it.  Up until this time the Oculists merely viewed the Freemasons not as the keepers of the secrets, but as though to paraded around in public because they wanted to be seen as the powerful keepers of the secret. They were "wannabes" who were not an original part of the secret but wanted in on the secret.  It wasn't until the Oculists came to their aid that SOME of them began to experience the concept of truth, reality, and liberation. Why did the Oculists allow some of them to see the truth? Because they believe that humanity has been kept in the dark for way too long so as it is.

What has started out as an honest intention to allow humanity to experience free will has turned into something far more oppressive-- a series of realities that have been fed to us through all sorts of mediums from TV, to Videos, to the internet.  Everything that you see has been given secret coding that you see with your eyes. Your eyes feed these codes to your brain, which processes the information and creates a reality that the people who have control want you to experience. To be brutally honest, it's just the Church anymore.  In fact, as the number of people accepted the word of the church has begun to dwindle, it has given rise to an even more terrifying and sinister group. They have established a One World Rule over society that includes not only western religion and leaders but also those in the East. The Chinese are involved.  The Russians are involved. The Japanese and the Americans, the Canadians are involved. The society that holds powers over the rest of society are indeed a small number compared to the total number of people in the world, but there are representatives from around the world.

Meanwhile, the Oculist Society still continues to operate in secret.  It wasn't until 1918 that the whole truth of the Oculist Society was revealed when the orders were given to open up a chest that was secretly made by the leader of the Oculist Society from the 1700s, one Count Freidrich August Von Veltheim.  He gave the chest to his son and told him not to open it until the bloodline of a certain Duke gave the command. The command was given and the chest was open and put on public display on purpose. A secret code that has been called the Copial Cipher was found and it took an incredulous amount of time for scientists working with the code to understand it.  It wasn't until computing technology was developed that the code was cracked.

This code was used by those developing technology and worked into the technology in order to feed stimuli into the eyes of the masses to strengthen the false reality they had developed for them. So, at this point in history, you had four groups of people. The people who obtained the information of creating the matrix of false realities by the sellouts.  They are the one world government creating false realities for everyone to experience. They got the information from the sellouts. You have the other part of the original group of entrusted individuals who went on to become the Oculists. They are the one spreading knowledge, but they have to be careful who they give it to because it could turn out like another sell-out scenario. You have the group of scientists who are working fervently to catch up and crack the code that was released to the world by the Oculists when they opened Von Veltheims Chest.  Then, you have the normal people who have no idea that this is going on, blissfully unaware in their realities that the government is creating for them.

If you want to somewhat gain a better understanding of what is going on here, you can watch the movie Videobrom, which was developed by a group of behind-the-scenes Oculists to kind of spread the awareness of what was really going on, the same way that George Orwell did when he wrote the book 1984.  It has pretty much all of the information you need to know about how the eyes only feed the information to the brain, the brain translates it and what is left becomes reality. It is a scarily accurate translation of what is actually going on, albeit a fictional storyline. Again, it was created as a hint to the world that these types of things are indeed going on.  This is probably why the circulation of the movie was somewhat suppressed and it's not so popular. There is this secret hidden agenda of total global domination going on right before our eyes and we don't know about it because we are fed the realities that they want us to see. Meanwhile, the Oculists are trying to free us from our oppression, but they are not working quite fast enough.  This is why they have remained a secret society, who initiate only the readiest candidates.

So here's the thing, a normal initiation would go something like this.  The initiate would be taken into a secret chamber. This chamber would be lit only by candles.  The changer is filled with all kinds of antiquated tools and technologies. The initiate is given a pair of glasses and asked to read a blank paper.  Of course, the initiate can't read it because it appears as blank to them. They are then strapped down and a cataract surgery is performed on their eyes.  It could be painful, in fact, I'm assuming it is quite painful. However, when you come out of the surgery you have been given healing energies and your eyes are already healed.  You are given the same piece of paper as before, only this time you can see it perfectly. The same code that has been written into the internet and computer systems to oppress people is written on the paper.  You will read it backward, being careful to skill over the normal letters. Only the ones with accent marks and special characters are valid. You read it backward to break the curse. Then you are branded with a seal.

All of this and more were described in artifacts that were acquired by Von Voltheim's Chest.  A small instrument for removing cataracts that blind the eye from true vision was found. A replication of the all-seeing eye made from ivory, bone, and precious jewels was found, restructured completely anatomically correct.  Some manuscripts were found and the seal was found. The seal is the branding that all initiates get. It has a circle in which there are mice frolicking. On either side of the circle are giant cats. These cats signify the wisdom that is held by the Enlightened Society of Oculists.  Cats have excellent night vision and can see through the dark, the same way the Oculists can see through the False Realities that have been created. Cats standby waiting for their pray, which are often times mice. The Oculists also stand by waiting for their "prey", which are people they can share their hidden knowledge with.  They are the rulers over all the mice, who are symbolized as being frolicky and ignorant of the reality that exists outside of their own circle. That's humanity for you. It's pretty much how we exist if I'm being honest. Oh, we can't see it so it must not be true. However, if you only knew the things that actually did exist just outside your own scope of reasoning and reality, your perception of reality would change quite quickly.  

Speaking of reality and a change, I've finally come to the part where I can tell you what we are offering.  We are offering a piece that gives you a removal of spiritual cataracts that are blocking your eyes from seeing.  You are currently part of the False Reality-- the matrix that has been designed by the powers that prey. They want nothing more for you than for you to remain in your ignorance and bliss as they use you like a drone to develop a world that only they can ever truly rule.  Without enlightenment, you are a slave to them, because that is the world that they have created for you to see and to understand. You cannot know anything different unless you allow yourself to be truly awakened, which is what this piece does for you. It removes cataracts that have been placed there by God when he chose to give you free will.  Your free will remains, but when your cataracts have been removed, your eyes will become like the All-Seeing Eye of God. After all, he has created us in His image. The same way he has an all-seeing eye, we will also have an all-seeing eye.

This piece gives you the initiation rite to become a member of the Enlightened Society of Oculists.  The veil will be dropped from your visions. You will suddenly be able to see the world for what it truly is.  It is a place of powers beyond your wildest imagination. You will literally be able to see the divine code and numerology that has been used the build the Earth.  You will gain the knowledge of the Cosmic Lifeforce, which is the place at the center of the universe from which we all-- even God-- gain our life. Through using your all-seeing eye you will learn that all magic and sorcery is simply a bending of this lifeforce using numerology, codes, and geometry to manipulate the energy to get whatever you want.  You will gain the knowledge to be able to bend this energy how you see fit, to create the powers and abilities that you've always wanted and never had.

You will exist outside of the False Reality.  You will see all the many types of entities that actually exist on Earth.  Angels, demons, Nephilim, unicorns, Griffins and the many other types of dark and holy entities.  You will be able to see through the eyes of God to see how he created the Universe and how you will be able to do a lot of the same things that he has done.  This will give you unlimited knowledge of how the universe works and you will be able to see the things of existence that you never knew existed because you were blinded by the falses realities that were created to keep you a prisoner in your own world.  

This piece is the infinity symbol with the third eye at the top of it.  This symbolizes that you are being awakened into an existence that is immortal and eternal, versus the existence that you had before was created for you.  You are not immortal, but rather the world that God has created is.  The third eye symbolized the awakening, the removal of the spiritual cataracts, and the fact that you will finally experience reality for what it is.  This piece is sterling silver.  

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