Fate Benders

Fate Benders

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In 2016 hundreds of hidden galaxies that are just 250 million light-years away (really close in astronomical terms) were studied or the very first time. Despite their closeness in proximity to the Milky Way, they have been hidden. The light was shed as to their existence using CSIRO's Parkers radio telescope equipped with a state-of-the-art receiver. It enabled NASA and an international team of scientists to see through the stars and dust of our own galaxy to a previously unexplored region of nearby space.
The study has helped explain the Great Attractor region of space, which is a part of space that is drawing the Milky Way and thousands of other galaxies toward it with the gravitational force equivalent to a quadrillion suns. For the record that the number 1 with 15 zeros after it. That's a lot of force. Of course, NASA has taken a special interest in the new galaxies, attempting to find any sign of intelligent life on the galaxies that were discovered. They got more than what they gained for when, using quantum magic that allowed them to create their own black holes, they sent expeditionary forces to these galaxies to scope out what was going on in our neighboring galaxies.

This piece is a piece that was recovered by a NASA worker who recovered this piece. That race of "aliens" that this piece was recovered from was similar in appearance to that of the human race, only if they are translucent with a green liquid running from their 6 chambered hearts throughout their slightly taller than average bodies. This race that has been discovered has been labeled as the Fate Benders because it is their magic that is changing the ate of the Universe as we know it.

The Fate Benders also got their name from a rare ability to be able to influence, obstruct, and manifest destinies of their own. They live unlimited, reincarnated lives, similar but not quite to human reincarnation, which does eventually come to an end. Also, they get to choose how they become reincarnate. Having said that, where a human might choose to be reincarnated, as a wealthy, powerful man, the Fate Benders don't care about any of them. They are more primitive and spiritual, something like the Mayans or Inca, but much more powerful and much more in tune with their existence.

This glassite piece comes from their galaxy. We call it a Spiral of Fate. We call it this because this spiral piece allows you to change your fate. Yes, this piece will change your physical fate into whatever it is you want it to be. You can be wealthy if you want. You can have the perfect family if you want. You can be famous for whatever you want. However, think of the bigger picture. You can give yourself an awakening or enlightenment. You can give yourself understanding and knowledge. You can design your future lifestyles, by determining what you will be reincarnated as. You will be able to tweak your perfect existence to give yourself as much magic and knowledge as you need while being able to maximize your contributions to the human race.

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