Femme Fatale:  Antique Jinnaya Bracelet
Femme Fatale:  Antique Jinnaya Bracelet

Femme Fatale: Antique Jinnaya Bracelet

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The history of the djinn is sometimes misconstrued. Some people think that jinn is evil, but those of you who have been with us for even a little bit of time know that this isn't true. Djinn is beings that are somewhat of a hybrid between humans and angels. They can be immortal and travel superfluously between realms like angels. However, they are capable of free will just like humans. They were forged out of a smokeless flame that is sometimes referred to a scorching wind and is most likely a metaphor for the star or some other life-force energy. They are highly sentient beings and the magic they have is limitless. They often take the form of worldly animals such as snakes, dogs, cats, sheep, dragons, vultures, and even other humans.

During an investigation that I was on, I made it a point to visit the UAE. In the foothills of a place called Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi, along with the border with Oman there are 5,000-year-old tombs. The tombs tell the story of an almost forgotten ancient civilization that traded with all of the greats- Egypt, Mesopotamia, and even more remote areas of the world.

These tombs have now become the homes to Djinn, which is what brought be the foothills in the first place. I wanted to see whether or not the hype lived up to what was actually taking place at Jebel Hafeet. I performed a few summoning spells, but nothing really seemed to work. It wasn't until I was getting ready to leave that I really experienced anything and it wasn't in the way that I thought I was going to experience it.

When I turned around I found myself in an intense stare down with one of the biggest snakes that I have actually ever seen in the wile. It wasn't backing down, but neither was the eye. I mean, have you seen me? I am a New Jersey diner aficionado. There was no way I was outrunning a snake. Long story short, the snake did attack me, biting me on my leg. I remember thinking to myself that I was going to die as I got lightheaded and woozy. I fell to the ground and when I opened my eyes the situation was something completely different.

In front of me, standing approximately 9-10 feet tall was a brilliant, multicolored entity. It didn't take a single form, but rather it changed into many forms as I stood there staring. I couldn't even explain the forms. They weren't anything I can put a name on. They were just forms. I remember the eyes did not change. They always stayed the same. They were an unwavering crystal blue background and in the front of his eyes, there were dancing flames. Everyone once in a while they light up like a flash of lightning.

The being said nothing to me, not even telepathically. He took control of my mind and forced me to hold out my hand. Into my hand he placed this piece. Then, as soon as the vision had started, it was over. I remember waking up in the sand, my leg throbbing, thinking that I was never getting out of the godforsaken desert alive, but to my astonishment, the puncture wound was gone. Thinking I was just on a good trip because of a snake bite, I stuffed my hands into my jean pockets and that's when I knew what I had seen was true because the same piece that the djinn had handed me was in my pocket.

This piece is an antique, sterling djinn bracelet. It holds a total of eight entities called Jinnaya. Jinnaya are like djinn, except they are the female version. I don't know why they sent a male djinn in the form of a snake to bite me, put into a pseudo-dream, and then give me a bracelet that holds 8 female djinn, but life's funny like that sometimes. Either way, that is what this bracelet is for. Each of the 8 djinn charms holds a jinnaya that will grant you wishes based on what powers they hold. You get an unlimited amount of wishes, so there is no need to be reserved in what you wish for. However, you will need to know what kind of djinn you will be getting when you get your item.
These jinnaya do not have names to the best of my knowledge, so there is no need to email and ask for them. If they give you names, great. They didn't give us any during testing. You will simply wear the piece and allow the magic and the energies bond with you before you telepathically communicate with the jinnaya, telling them what you what.

These are the 8 Jinnaya that are summoned into these 8 djinn charms, the kind of wishes the grant to you reflect is reflected by the type of djinn that they are. Here are the 8 types.   Their powers are more concentrated than your typical djinn, so the wishes they grant are 10-15x more powerful than your typical djinn.  It has something to do with them being female.  

#1- Love Jinnaya
#2- Wealth Jinnaya
#3- Protection Jinnaya
#4- Sex Jinnaya
#5- White Ligh Jinnaya
#6- Healing Jinnaya
#7- Jinnaya of Time
#8- Jinnaya of Multiplicity

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