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Feng Shui is more than just a magic or a form of science.  For so many people, Feng Shui is a way of life.  It is a combination of both art and science that has shaped the way Chinese culture and cities look and feel.  It has influenced the construction of cities, palaces, villages, and cemeteries.  It also influences the way temples are built-- secret or otherwise.  
By technicality, Feng Shui is the study of the Heavens and the study of the Earth in relation to human beings.  Feng shui studies the ability for one to be able to seek harmonious balance in all areas of their life.  This is believed to lead to a long and happy life.  This force in the universe is called Tao.  It is the positive influence of yin and yang on a person's core being, to be able to live a happy and sustained life.  This is for the average, everyday person.  
In secret temples in the Chinese wilderness, obtaining large amounts of Tao energy and using it to manifest those things that you want from life has been in use for centuries, if not longer.  Tao is usually a force that acts upon a persons life to give the comfort and stability, but when one elevates their consciousness, through an awakening of the third eye, they can then fully control the energy called Tao.  They can govern it and manipulate this energy in ways that will dictate how this energy affects their life.  In others words, they can use this energy to bring them just about anything they want.  
Feast your eyes upon this item.  There are two of them, but this listing just holds one.  It is 800 silver and the piece is very old.  In fact, in times before the Nazis this silver was used as currency and traded for things.  The value in this piece was, at one point in time, enough to buy a person a house. 
Just like the piece with the happy Buddha, this piece has been empowered.  Again, this piece has been found in an exploration of a hiddenfeng shui temple by an ancient ascended feng shui master.  It has been taken by this master into the feng shui realms, where it has been touched by the ascended feng shui masters.  This process enabled an alchemy spell to be cast into this piece.  It allows the piece, like thefeng shui masters, to control the power of Tao.  They do this by summoning an ancient entity.  This entity-- an ancient and ferocious wealth eating dragon-- works for you to bring you wealth.  
This dragon is named Longwei and that is the name you will use to refer to him when you are summoning him.  He is eternal and he works in cycles, which is why there is more than one dragon pictured on this piece.  Every few thousand years, this dragon bursts into flames, during which he comes back as a brand new entity wiser and with more wealth power than before.  He has several heads and in order to gain his wealth, these heads float into the astral realms where he is constantly in search of newer and better wealth powers. There isn't a realm he can't see into and there isn't a wealth power that he can not obtain.  In fact, he has such a voracious wealth power that when he finds one, he devours it and digests it and that is how it becomes his.  
With this piece, which again is valuable enough to have bought someone an entire homes, you will gain the wealth powers of the dragon.  With this piece, you become in total control of the Tao powers and you can control the dragon, too.  He will search the realm for wealth and he will lay it at your feet.  This wealth comes in all different forms, even ones that you wouldn't typically think of.  That is because this dragon has such a hunger, such a craving, for wealth that he is always finding new ways to get it.  This is definitely a think outside of the box kind of entity.  He will pass these powers-- and more importantly-- the wealth onto you.  This will allow you to live a very rich and lavish lifestyle, as if you were a celebrity or very wealth politician.  
Let us not forget about the original Feng Shui master's vision.  To remind you, here is the passage from the other write up:  
However, in visions he was shown a time when anarchy reigned on Earth, where people will have to fight for their mere survival.  Brother will turn against brother and father against son.  In those days, when there is no government, or rather there is a one world government who oppresses the people into the need to rebel, money will no longer be valued.  The only form of trading that will remain is food and ammunition, because the only thing that people will be worried about is the need to survive.  Tao energy will be scarce, because people will have been distracted from it.  The world will be chaotic and in a bad state of disorder.  This will all happen before the Great Enlightenment.  Some people see this as the time that Jesus returns to Earth, some see it as just that-- a Great Awakening that will allow peace to return to Earth.  Whatever you believe, the time of great turmoil is coming and you don't want to be caught unprepared. 
This piece will bring you great wealth, but make sure you are using it to your advantage.  Get ready for the end of days, because if you are not ready, there will be someone ready for you.  You don't want to be caught empty-handed, which is why we are listing these wealth items in the first place.  Enjoy your wealth while you can, but make sure you are also being smart enough to know that you need to be prepared.  


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