FILE 10020: The Bohemian Buddha
FILE 10020: The Bohemian Buddha

FILE 10020: The Bohemian Buddha

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ITEM/ Bracelet


SIZE/  Medium 


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  You will leave the bracelet, with the Green Buddha, in a dish with a few coins for three days.  On the third days, you can take the bracelet out and wear it.  Before too long, the wealth will begin dispersing itself into your life.     

FILE/  The Bohemian Buddha 

ORIGINS/  He was created in a conjurance at the Bohemian Grove



Bohemian Grove is a camp meeting in California where the prestigious leaders of the world go to play.  The likenesses of George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, the royal family of the United Kingdom, and even members of the Russian bureaucracy all meet at Bohemian Grove once per year.  It is kind of like the Bilderberg meetings that they have, in which only the elite are allowed. 

On the agenda is a game of hunt-the-human, which came to light several years when a girl Dick Cheney was hunting escaped.  Other things that will take place over the course of several days are extravagant sex orgies, in which all the members of the meeting must take place.  The purpose of the orgy is to garner enough energy to be able to summon a massive wealth entity.  Sometimes there are blood rituals that take place, other times there are not, but there is always tons of sex.  This is homosexual as well as heterosexual, but considering the group consist of a majority of men, the conclusion can be drawn that they are mostly man orgies with a few female attendees.

This piece is called the Bohemian Buddha, because this wealth deity was summoned by adepts of the Bohemian Grove meeting.  A deity who is known as the Green Buddha was resurrected from his place in the astral plains and brought life in a mortal body that was sacrificed to the buddha.  The Buddha, in his new body, began to sniffing out both mortal and immortal wealth powers that he used to create wealth items for attendees of the meeting. 

After these wealth items were done being created, the buddha himself was cast into a piece and the result is this item.  The person who owns this piece owns the exclusive rights to the presences of the Green Buddha.  The Green Buddha grants extreme, extreme wealth beyond all conventional means.  Whomever is using the item will be able to instruct the Green Buddha in the ways in which he or she would prefer wealth come into their life.  The Green Buddha will then arrange for wealth to begin working its way into that area.  The great thing is that this buddha can be redirected at any time and given a new wealth assignment.  It really is the perfect way to extract wealth and bring it directly to the fingertips!!

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