FILE 1029: America’s Lost City
FILE 1029: America’s Lost City
FILE 1029: America’s Lost City

FILE 1029: America’s Lost City

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ITEM/ Pendent




HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Bury the piece in a bit of dirt. It doesn’t have to be six feet, but it should at least cover the whole item. You could even use topsoil if you want to. Allow the piece to remain totally covered for no less than 72 hours. Then you can wear the piece and the powers will bond with you.

FILE/ America’s Lost City

ORIGINS/ Made with the secret powers o the Cahokia Mouds



In 1250 AD, Cahokia was bigger than London. It was bigger than one of the largest economic centers in the world. The thing is that not a lot of people knew about Cahokia. This is because it was oasis of city life for the Native Americans who flocked there. Had the Europeans not showed up to ruin things for the Natives, I'm sure that they would have somehow managed to keep up with the times.

The Natives were more tied to the land and took more care in listening to their surroundings. They were very close to the vast network of energies that is available from our home that we call Mother Earth. They were also in tune with race of super advanced beings that they called gods.

These gods were ones that came to visit Cahokia from the stars. They assisted the residents there in building a complex system of mounds that remains the largest archaeological heritage site in America to this day. This ancient, but since ruined city, was the place to be in the 13th Century. The fact that they were visited by gods who taught them how to built mounded structures that vaguely resemble pyramids seems a bit coincidental as well.

These mounds were the gateways to which the Natives could pass through to the realm of gods, but to get there it required that they become a human sacrifice. The idea was that the human sacrifice would become a god and then return to the people to bring them ancient knowledge, magic, and provide for them by means of food and other supplies.

After visiting the Cahokia Mounds, this piece has been made. Somebody of the French persuasion the other day caught nerve to ask me if this piece was a temporary piece. The meaning of temporary was beguiling, but it can be assured the powers in this piece are permanent. With the powers in this piece, the user will be able to undergo the spiritual equivalent of becoming a "human sacrifice" whereby, the soul will be put to the test. It will leave the body astrally, followed by which the user will have several experiences and meetings with highly advanced entities. These entities take no particular form and will, in fact, change shape depending upon your own interpretation of the powers in this piece.

After undergoing ascension, the user will return to Earth in an entirely transformed state-of-being. He or she will be like a god in their own skin. They will be able to hear the minds of all, to see into the minds of all to know exactly what everyone is thinking. They can rearrange these thoughts to create absolute mind control. They can heal both themselves and others of both physical and mental disparities. They have the ability to grant full awakening of psychic abilities. They have the ability to grant wealth. They have the means necessary to grant any power or ability either to themselves or others. The user of this piece becomes a God in the flesh.

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