FILE 1029: The Merging of Djinn and Vampire
FILE 1029: The Merging of Djinn and Vampire

FILE 1029: The Merging of Djinn and Vampire

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ITEM/ Antique Necklace

MATERIAL/  Antique beads and glass


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  All you have to do is wear the piece and the entity will begin to bond to your DNA make up.

FILE/   The Merging of Djinn and Vampire

ORIGINS/  From the ancient Temple of Time



Most of the times people who know secrets put them into their works of art.  Mozart did it with his music.  Michelangelo did it with his art.  The developers of video games have done it countless times when developing sophisticated game play.  It wasn't too long ago when one of our staff members came across a Templar Map when playing a new Playstation game.  Even the retro games have some secret, hidden messages in them.  Specifically, Zelda is the game in question.  In the nostalgic game, there are mentions of a Temple of Time that were built by the ancient sages.  Research into the gameplay of Zelda will provide more information, but the Temple of Time was based on a real life place.  It is the Illuminati paying homage to one of their sacred places, while at the same time indoctrinating the youth that play them. 

The Temple of Time in the video game at hand is a reference to the Monastery of Ki.  The structures that stand in its place are in place of the original structures that once stood there.  They were built by ancient wise men who were able to control all facets of time.  In saying time, what is really meant is the ability to travel throughout the past, present, and future.  Time as humans understand it is a human construct to help humans numerate and measure time.  In the natural existence, there is no such thing as time as far as a clock is concerned.  The three hanging beads on this piece represent the three facets of time that were known to the wise men who built the original temple. 

To guard their temple, the wise men conjured an entity.  This entity was not one entire entity, but rather a combination of two entities.  The two entities that were combined to make this piece were an ancient djinn who was given permission by the sages to control time.  The second entity was a time-walking vampire, whose years far outnumber all three of the ancient sages combined.  The combination was an entity of staggering and unparalleled time control.  It was an entity who has seen all ages and knows all things.  The entity is timeless and until this piece was unearthed, the power of the entity was hidden in what is now the Ki Monastery in India. 

The piece is amazing.  As mentioned before, the three strands that dangled represent the three facets of time... the past, the present, and the future.  The center of this piece, the medallion that serves as the pendant of the necklace, also holds extraordinary powers.  When the user wears this necklace, the image of the half-djinn-half-vampire entity will begin to take form.  The entity lives in this piece, just as ancient djinn were believed to live in shiny lamps.  When the user has worn this piece long enough, the entity will make an appearance each time this piece is worn. 

Not only will the entity allow whomever is using the piece to disobey the logic of time, to travel throughout time to any point in time, but it will allow the user to converse the entity.  The entity has seen all and holds a infinite amount of knowledge.  Since the entity is able to travel through time at its free will, when asked a question, the entity will not tell the answer.  Rather it will show the answer.  The user can ask any question of the entity that it want answered.  It can be as simple as, "How can I gain extreme wealth?!"  Or, as elaborate as "Show me the future and the futures of my generations."  The entity can be asked to manipulate future, at which it will show the user how to do so.  This entity has all the answers and has the authority to show all things, which is will do.  It is never communicated verbally and is seldom communicated telepathically.  The energy in this piece literally carries away its users astral body and take him/her to the place where the information they have requested lies. 

Again, this piece holds impeccable power and is not to be taken lightly.  Every answer given.  Every power given.  Travel to times of the past and the future.  Travel to any point in the future.  The choice is up to whomever is controlling the piece, but the potential of such a power is surely unlimited. 

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