FILE 1200: Codex Seraphinianus
FILE 1200: Codex Seraphinianus
FILE 1200: Codex Seraphinianus

FILE 1200: Codex Seraphinianus

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SIZE/ 1 1/2 WIDE


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Before wearing this piece and gaining the transformation, you will like a candle in the middle of a close circle of salt. You will place the item in the circle and allow it to remain there until the candled has burned out. You will then wear the piece and wait the required time for you abilities to manifest. It doesn't always take 42 days. It could only take 30 days. I really depends on the person and their experience.


ORIGINS/ Created with magic from Luigi Serafini's original Codex Seraphinianus

When looking throughout history, it is not uncommon to see instances where creative professional hide their esoteric works in their art. When saying creative professionals, the notion is to refer to people such as artists, composers, singers, authors, poets, playwrights, etc. Not all, but many of these creative professionals were also members of occult groups who studied and produced magic, especially during the renaissance. The thing is that the church also had a huge presence and played a huge role in old-time politics. The church said that all magic was evil, quite honestly because they were hiding it for themselves. Therefore, for the most part, everyone who was caught practicing magic was pretty much jailed and executed. This started the practice of the creative professionals embedding magic into their works of art. The practice remained and even remains until this very day. One example of this type of endeavor is the Codex Seraphinianus. It was created by Luigi Serafini over the course of thirty months, from 1976 to 1978. The book is round about 360 pages long depending on the edition, and the book is written in a cipher alphabet. The book documents a so-called imaginary world, giving great detail as to the type of architecture, the type of beings that exist there, and the many other vivid details. THe fact remains that this was not just some imaginary world that was made up by an author. Instead, the Codex Seraphinianus was designed by Serafini to relay a message to the rest of his group of magical clerics. These cleris, together comprise a small fraction of the Freemasons. They are the most powerful of the powerful Freemasons. They are the 3rd Degree Masons, which are the most powerful despite what the logic of numerology might suggest.

The magic in this piece was able to be contained and pulled from the book. The result is an ancient knowledge of a far away realm, the knowledge of which that was once shown to Luigi Serafini. This is why he created the book. Things in this realm are done differently. For instance, the bleeding fruit isn't really bleeding fruit, but a metaphor for something only those who are on Serafini's level will completely understand. This is what the piece that is being offered will do for the user. It was created using some of the powers from Serafini's book, which has been decoded and used to make this item.

This item gives the one who wears it a complete 360 degree Freemason makeover. This way, the user can read Luigi Serafini's book and know all the secrets that he has encoded in his writing. His alternate reality is a truth, but with this sacred knowledge, the user will know what he is actually saying rather than getting a metaphorical understanding of something that will never make much sense. The user will see and fully understand that Serafini's book not only highlights the existence of a separate, Freemasonic realm, but also gives great detail of ancient masonic magic. This magic will be enough to entertain and keep any person busy. It will give secrets of anywhere from wealth magic to generate riches beyond your wildest dreams to time magic to be able to walk through time, to shape-shifting magic to be able to take any form. The magic in this piece is literally endless, as there are pockets of magic waiting for the user on each page-- in addition to instructions on how to visit the alternate reality! It is not a piece to be taken lightly, regardless of whom ends up with it!

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