FILE 1203: Vampire in the Bonehouse

FILE 1203: Vampire in the Bonehouse

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ITEM/  Ring

MATERIAL/  Sterling Silver and Crushed Opal

SIZE/  10


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  You will make a salt circle.  Within the salt circle should be this ring and a candle.  Light the candle.  Let it burn all the way down.  This will fully activated the powers in this piece.     

FILE/  Vampire in the Bonehouse

ORIGINS/  From the Capela dos Ossos



The name of the vampire that is conjured by this piece is Pasquale.  He is now a spirit-form vampire, but he wasn't always that way.  He only became so after he too a daring trip a place called the Capela dos Ossos, which in Portuguese means the Chapel of Bones.  The Chapel is one o the best known monuments in Evora, Portugal. It gets its name from its interiors walls, which are lined and decorated with human skulls and bones.

The chapel was built in the 16th Century by a Franciscan monk who was part of the Counter-Reformation sentiment of that time.  His wishes in building such a fascinating place was to remind his brethren monks that life is not permanent.  There is nothing of this world that shall remain forever.  He made sure that he emboldened memento mori through a famous warning that was posted by the entrance to the chapel.  It read, "Nos ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos," which is Spanish for, "We, the bones that rest here, await yours."

There are other facets of the ossuary that suggest that the monk that built the bone house was into various other kinds of magic.  There are secret doors built into the walls and doors that go to nowhere.  People who don't know the structure well enough wouldn't know about the secrets that the bone house has to offer.  Among the secrets of the chapel are an underground chamber.  It is believed that this is where the bones of sacred persons such as saints and other powerful religious people such as Joan of Arc have gone to be buried. 

Pasquale and his daredevil friends decided that they wanted to head out in search of the chamber of sacred bones.  Pasquale, the person who found the chamber was greeted by more than bones.  He said that he can't really remember everything that happened, but from what he can remember, there was a greyish entity that was staring at him as he climbed into the chamber of sacred bones.  It lunged at him and from Pasquale's own description, it entered his body through his eyes.  He has never been the same since. 

It was very shortly afterward that Pasquale noticed that he had developed some really strange abilities.  For instance, he would make people do what he wanted them to do simply by gazing at them.  He could hear the thoughts of people who passed by him.  He could make predictions about the future that would inevitably come true.  He began seeing and hearing spirits that had long been deceased.  He became stronger.  He became faster.  Smells became stronger and his vision became more vivid than ever before.  As his friends all got older, he noticed that he did not age at all.  All of these things really alarmed him, but it wasn't until he literally began making things happen by merely saying them out loud that he really knew something was different.  He was standing in his apartment one day and stubbed his toe on a step.  Not even thinking he belted out, "I wish this damn place would just burn to the ground!"  Within ten minutes, his entire apartment building was up in flames.

Pasquale sought out the help of many paranormal professionals, but the help he received from our organization was golden.  We were the first to suggest to him that he had become a vampire that day in the Ossuary when a vampire soul clearly entered his body.  It was not like a possession, but rather a merger with his own soul.  It now is his own soul and he has pretty much owned it.  He has made this piece for us, which houses a spiritual form of his presence.  The crushed opal in this sterling ring are the fragments of his own soul, which he lent to thi piece in hopes that another might share his power.   

The user of this piece will gain the same abilities as Pasquale has, as mentioned above, except for immortality.  When the user wears this piece, he/she will be transformed into having these abilities, which will only quit when the piece is not being worn.  Other than that the abilities are there for the taking.  They include all that has been written about above with the addition of a full psychic, third-eye awakening.   

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