FILE 1282: These Divine Eyes

FILE 1282: These Divine Eyes

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ITEM/  Earrings

MATERIAL/  Metal and glass

SIZE/  small


HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/  There are no specific instructions on how to activate these earrings.  They were found activated already; however, you must keep them in, wearing them until the powers have enough time to bond with you.

FILE/  These Divine Eyes

ORIGINS/  From the Pyramids in Heaven



In today's society, the symbolism behind the "all-seeing eye" has been bastardized. It has been such by the mainstream media and pop-culture stars who use the symbol to misconstrue its meaning on purpose. The media and a fair amount of today's celebrities are controlled by Satanic Illuminati magicians who have been able to develop ways to control people's minds like living marionettes. They drive home the symbolism involving the all-seeing eyes, because they want the world to venerate them as gods. They seek to win as many souls over for the dark lord as possible.

The truth behind the all-seeing eye is that it is an implement and is symbolic of God's omniscient knowledge. The symbol was first used by the Egyptians to signify a source of all knowledge-- God. Kabbalist wizards have used it to represent all power and magic, which must originate in God. The Masons used it to symbolize the awakening of the mind of man into a God-like state, in which they have achieved the highest honors. The truth is that nobody can see all and know all except for God.

This set of earrings come from the pyramids of Heaven. They embody the powers of the capstones which hold all the powers and knowledge of the one true God, who is the author of all, who can see and know all things. This is why they Universal Eye is so often seen in conjunction with a pyramid or some other sort of triangle. The same ones that oppress the world are the ones trying to utilize this symbol to spread their agenda. Turn from it, before it becomes your demise.

The earrings, again, come from the white light pyramids of God, where his power and omnipotence is stored. When these earrings are worn, it allows the one who wears them to see through the eyes of God, or the all-seeing eye. There is more to the world than one would guess. While wearing these earrings, the user will experience the many different levels of existence that overlap our own. This is how God made existence. There are just some things that humans do not need to know.

When the seeing through the Eyes of God, the person wearing the earrings will be able to see the many different types of entities that existence with us that we cannot see. An example of what can bee seen with these earrings are other spirits, aliens, vampires, fairies, angels, vampires, werewolves, etc. God has created all beings for a purpose, which will be evident to those who wear this item.

In addition to being able to encounter all alternative beings in their immediate surroundings, those who use this piece will get the ability manipulate their DNA to transform into these entities. God has used this process many times to come to Earth in many forms. He has come as a human, a burning bush, a pillar of fire, a dove, a lion, an angel, etc. The power in this piece allows those who use it the ability to shape-shift into any other sort of existence, which will be five to whomever ends up with this piece, because again, the user will all-of-a-sudden see through the Eyes of God, able to know all of existence.

Both aspects of this piece are powerful. Whether using it to See through the Eyes of God to know all things, or using this awesome shape-shift into whatever piece to obtain anew for, this piece gives serious powers. A good side note to mention is that when being transformed into another type of existence, a vampire for example, the person being transformed assumes all of the powers of this entity. Essentially, this piece allows a person to become like God, to exist as God on Earth, and to be able to assume the forms that he has created while maintaining all of his divine knowledge and seeing thing through his eyes.

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