FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels
FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels
FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels
FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels
FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels

FILE 1733: The Ark of God and His Eight Angels

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Biblical scholars seem to agree that it is odd the Paul would choose to write an epistle to the church in Ephesus while he was imprisoned for being a Christian.  According to the prophet, this is what Jesus commanded him to do, so this is what he did.  There was more to it than meets the eye, though.  Under the spell of the Holy Spirit, Paul unwittingly sent the church at Ephesus a secret code.  His letter was encoded with the same Bible Code that has so famously been written into the pages of the Bible.
The letter that Paul wrote was later put into the Bible.  It begins to make perfect sense that the book was written in Bible Code.  Digging deeper, it only begins to make even more sense when the location of Ephesus is taken into account.  Ephesus was in a region called Asia Minor.  In modern times it would be in Turkey.  Below Ephesus is where the house of the Virgin Mary lived as a human.  In and around this area is where the religious phenomenon called the Ark of God takes place.  This is what Paul was trying to communicate to the people in Ephesus.
After a thorough examination of the texts that Paul wrote, it was determined that the Ark of God, which is an anomaly in existence, is the point in existence that God uses to enter the domain he has created to walk among his creation.  This is why Mary chose the place below Ephesus to live.  It was close to the Ark of God.
This relic was recovered using the re-entry point called the Ark of God.  An attempt to summon God through the re-entry point proved that God only does things that he feels are necessary.  Apparently it was not his time to be on Earth.  On a lighter note, this piece was sent through the portal, in lieu of God's actual presence.
This relic looks like an ashtray.  In actuality it is an angel summoner.  The DNA of 8 very powerful angels have been imprinted into this glass that has come from Heaven.  The 8 angels on the relic represent the 8 strands of angel DNA that it holds.  Each of the angels carries with them a specific power that they are prepared to share with the person who is using this piece.
This relic is made from antique glass from another realm.  To use the relic an incense cone needs only to be placed inside of the dish while the person who is using the relic calls out the name of the angel they wish to summon.
Here are the 8 Angels and what they do for you.
1.)  Pamyel, who is an angel that can be summoned to look upon the face of God and gain his infinite wisdom.
2.)  Cathetel, who is an angel of wealth and abundance.  He can be summoned to bring wealth in any and all varieties.
3.)  Amniel, who is the angel of transformation.  This angel allows any and all forms to be taken.  The only requirement is that he needs a thought form to complete the transformation.
4.)  Sariel, who is the angel of divine protection.  He is often referred to as an "evil eater," because of his ability to absorb all evil.  Evil comes in many shapes and sizes, but is no match for this angel, who absorbs all demons, bad spells, curses, hexes, or anything dark like a sponge and then regurgitates it back to where it came from.
5.)  Phanuel, who is the angel of all prospects.  There are things in life that are difficult to maintain that wealth just is not going to help.  Weight loss, true love, genuine friendship, and all other types of hurdles can be jumped by summon the angel of all prospects.
6.)  Karubiel, who is the watcher of the tree.  By summoning Karubiel, all the wisdom of the Tree of Life is gained.  This wisdom will lead to miraculous gained abilities and powers.  They are of pure white light.
7.)  Dardariel, who is the keeper of time.  It is a fact that time does not exist outside of human existence.  Since humans have created, there must be an angel to whom jurisdiction is give.  Enter Dardariel.  Summoning this angel gives the ability to travel through out time, to all place past, present, and future.
8.)  Cathariel, who is the granter of miracles.  Yes, it is true that there are multiple miracle granters, but this angel's purpose is specifically to grant miracles.  Any miracles that are asked of the angel will be granted.  It can be used to heal the sick, spiritual unwell, possessed,etc.  It doesn't just have to be healing.  Anything that is taken to this angel is granted in the form of a miracle.

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