FILE 19322: Thrice Great:  Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)
FILE 19322: Thrice Great:  Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)
FILE 19322: Thrice Great:  Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)
FILE 19322: Thrice Great:  Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)
FILE 19322: Thrice Great:  Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)

FILE 19322: Thrice Great: Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom (2)

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To everyone reading this listing. We have a bunch of products like this one. This is an item that may have seen on the website before. For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research. All of these items work superbly. Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing. Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing. Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!


ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling Silver

SIZE/ 13.5


HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/ These instructions will be given upon purchase.

FILE/ Thrice Great: Manifesting the Three Parts of Magical Wisdom

ORIGINS/ From Hermes' Holographic Reality


Update:  Through further work with this piece, we have unlocked an entire host of magic that was hidden within.  The three parts of magical wisdom have come from Hermers the Thrice Great.  They are Hermetic magic, but what we didn't know is that there were two things locked inside this piece, aside from the magicl wisdom that it convey.  The first of these two things is  connection to a network of capstones.  These capstones are the hub of enlightenment for pyramids that exist not only in our reality but through multipel forms of existence through the world.  These pyramids are storehouses for magic that has been dispersed throughout the know universe and beyond.  Through connected to the capstones you will gain this outrageously powerful knowledge.  It includes abilities such as granting oneself immortality, alchemical manipulation of the mind and body, connection to the Grand Pantheon, and abilities that I can't really put into words because they come from foreign places.  This brings me to my next revelation.  This piece gives you the ability that we called Hermetic Creation.  This allows you to take the knowledge that has been given to you from the capstones and manifest it into magic within you own mortal reality.


Sometimes the acquisition of one item can lead to the acquisition of another. This is the case with this item, which comes from a holographic realm that was projected by an item that was found during an investigation in Egypt. The original item was found in a Hermetic chamber of truths that revealed a second version of the Emerald Tablet, also called the Tabula Smaragdina. This second version holds a secret code of alchemy that projects a holographic alternate reality, whereby one can walk through a dimension of magic unlike any other. This magic is the true embodiment of the magician/wizard known as Hermes Trismegistus, who was an ancient Egyptian High Priest but was also the reincarnation of the god Hermes.

The magic that is found in this holographic reality is unparalleled. A few of the items we found while there have already been listed and sold. This one has not. This is the most powerful out of the entire lot, because it is the physical embodiment and empowerment of the three parts of ancient wisdom. These three parts of ancient wisdom entail alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. Each of the three brings a sacred power to the user of the item. Keep in mind that this piece has been made by the hands of the ancient Egyptian scholar, who stored them away in his secret holographic reality as to preserve them for the person willing enough to find them.

The alchemy that is gained when using this piece goes as such. Alchemy is not always just about changing metal into gold. Conceivably, anybody who gains the magic of alchemy can do this. Rather, the alchemy of Hermes deals with transforming the energies around you into everlasting, eternal wealth. This wealth will go on and on forever and will build upon itself as it grows. This alchemy is also about a spiritual enrichment and alchemy of the cells. This power allows the person using the item to assume the shape of anything he or she chooses. The process allows for the soul to garner the transformation of the body. Alternatively, it will leave the body and allow possession of another body.

The astrological magic that is gained through this piece opens the mind up to a new way of existing. Hidden among the stars are cryptic messages of secret powers that have been laid there in the beginning. With this magic, the person who owns this piece will be given a host of magical abilities and esoteric truths that can be used in the mortal realm as well as in any metaphysical or astral travels. These forms of magic embody mostly any power or ability that could be desired by the human mind, plus many, many more. They are secret and exclusive to this piece, so the best way to find out which powers are offered is to simply acquire the item.

The final segment of the three parts of wisdom entails theurgical magic. This magic is the one that is probably the most powerful. This is because it releases the secrets to all rituals and ritual magic. Through rituals, man sought to become one with god. He sought to be united with the divine. In other words, to be transformed as God on Earth. For the person who owns this piece, life will change dramatically. No longer will he or she exist a mere mortal. Instead, this magic brings about a transformation of the divine.

This transformation manifests the God DNA, which all mortals are born with, yet few managed to ever use. This piece awakens this special, dormant strand of DNA to transform the owner from a human to God on Earth. This means that whatever powers God uses shall now become the powers of the one who uses this item. If God can heal things, so can they. If God can transform things, so can they. If God can say to a spirit, "Come Here!", so can they. If God can create angels, so can they. The list goes on and on, but all white light magical abilities of God Himself become an attainable reality. All has to be done is to acquire this item!

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