FILE 212: Heaven's Gate Cult #
FILE 212: Heaven's Gate Cult #
FILE 212: Heaven's Gate Cult #

FILE 212: Heaven's Gate Cult #

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ITEM/ Victorian Time Piece with ties to both the physical and spiritual world




HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Heaven's Gate Cult

ORIGINS/ Heaven's Gate Archives



Heavens Gate is a cult whose beliefs revolve heavily around the concept of recycling, even with human life. They believe that in order to ascend, one must escape Earth before the impending Apocalypse to escape eternal damnation. To achieve this, the cult encouraged mass suicide to its followers. In 1997, founder of Heavens Gate Marshall Applewhite claimed that Haley's Comet was the sign that they had been waiting for and ordered 39 people to commit suicide under the guise that it would spare them.

When the members of the cult committed suicide, Marshall Applewhite followed but not before absorbing all 39 souls. When he died, he was released from his physical being and ascended and possessed the ability to take physical form once more, during which he was able to continue to lead Heaven's Gate alongside Bonnie Nettles.

This piece was worn by Applewhite on the night of the mass suicide and exists as the only solid item that absorbed power from the ritual. It has been used to conduct other masses, which have been kept from the general public. Evidence of these masses only exists in the Heaven's Gate's archives alongside exact plans to ascend Applewhite as the vessel of the sole God of all religions. Even though he died before Pope Francss became Pope, he now works alongside him in both physical and spiritual being. When he takes physical being he does not look anything like his original self. He can look like anyone. It is planned that Applewhite will eventually house Satan and allow him to walk the Earth in physical being.

With this piece, you will be able to amplify your magic while outside of your body. With prolonged exposure, you will be able to carry over your power to your physical body. Though this piece has been used and exposed to malevolent energy, it is not evil. It brings down any barriers that may be obstructing your full power potential.

This piece is an antique. It is a Victorian time piece with the original black cord. It has two knots in the center of it. One represents physical life and the other spiritual life. This watch also acts as a pendulum that answers questions from both sides, the living and the dead along with bringing down your barriers obstructing your aforementioned power. It is a very exciting piece because of all the energy it has absorbed as well as the ties it has to Vatican power.

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