FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #
FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #
FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #
FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #
FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #

FILE 2280: The Serpent Grail #

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ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling Silver with a Blue Enamel Design

SIZE/ 10

TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Up to 50 to 60 days.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Light a candle and pass the ring through the flame very quickly - do not let the ring touch the flame for more than a split second. Place the ring on your finger or on a chain around your neck.

FILE/ The Serpent Grail

ORIGINS/ Unknown



The Serpent Grail is grail created in the image of the Holy Grail, however the two are very different and created under very different people. The Serpent Grail is the creation of a group of occultists called the Iron Serpents, which primarily practice dark magic. They are a modern group that consist of mostly wealthy people, as it has always been since the founding of the group. The mass of the group is not known for certain and the names of all associated is also uncertain as it is constantly changing.

This method has been used to raise others to power, primarily those that will benefit them and their own positions of wealth. It is not known for certain but it is said there there are many that operate under this group.

They come together every six years, they consult the Serpent Grail and they all ask for different things. During the annual meeting, they come with two things: their previous item of power and a new member to initiate, which is also regarded as a form of unofficial sacrifice. The reason they are not called "sacrifice" outright is because there is a chance they may or may not survive.

The process of initiation is what gives the power to the items. The process itself is dangerous and could result in death. However, whether the new initiate dies or not does not dictate whether or not the other Iron Serpents get what they came for. No initiate is quite the same, neither is the method of which the ritual is executed. The items of choice are held in the initiates' palms and they are then put in a situation that will bring them inches from death. Whether it be drowning, hypothermia, overdosing, blood loss or asphyxiation - they only need to be seconds from death for the window of opportunity to be opened.

There is a being that comes to the body when it is seconds from death. It is a very small window in which the person can be brought back or will die. It is the experience of this being coming to them that causes people to see what is largely described as 'the white light'. They are greeted with the likes of a being who holds no solid form. Due to the nature of their death, the being will attempt to push them back into the world of the living. It is this contact that grants the power. During this small window, a small amount of blood is drawn and gathered into the Serpent Grail from the body while it is resuscitated. Whether or not the person comes back does not matter, the ritual is complete. The item is then dipped in the blood so the item can be allowed time to gather the power of the being as the owner of the piece speaks verbally exactly what kind of power they want added to the piece. When the item is pulled back out of the blood, it is entirely clean, the blood absorbed and the addition added.

This piece has been through three of these rituals, which is why it grants three things in abundance. It grants wealth, which can be gained passively as well as through any other form you desire. It grants the ability to perform dual magic, as its previous owner had been an occultist. Lastly, it grants the ability to gain and understand sacred knowledge, which can be used to create power that does not yet exist. This item will not lose power over time. The ritual happens every six years but not because the item needs to be recharged, it is only to add other components to what already exists within this piece. As it is, this item will remain the same and the power you have access to is limitless.

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