FILE 2401: Ring of Janus
FILE 2401: Ring of Janus
FILE 2401: Ring of Janus

FILE 2401: Ring of Janus

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ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ sterling silver and an authentic opalescent stone

SIZE/  8.5 


HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/  Because Janus is a dual spirited entity, you must light two candles with this piece inside a circle of salt.  You will also place a specimen of yourself inside the circle, such as nail clipping or a hair.  This allows the energies of Janus and your own energy to be merged.  The result is that Janus will be able to appear to you.    

FILE/  Ring of Janus

ORIGINS/  This piece was created in the Portae Belli, created by the King of the Sacred Rites



In ancient times the Roman peoples had a lot of gods and goddesses that cross-referenced to Greek gods and goddesses.  With the god Janus, this is not the case.  Janus was celebrated by the Romans as being a god of their own.  The Greeks had no equivalent god, nor did any other culture.  Janus was a god that made his powers proprietary to the Romans.  This is because he is a very powerful, dual spirited entity that does not exist in one dimension of time, but in three. 

Janus is depicted as a two-faced god and this is because he exists in the present, but he also sees into the past and the future, for this reason he is the god of beginnings and endings.  He is the god of gates, transitions, time, doorways, and passages.  Most people think that the veneration of Janus has come to and end with the ending of the Roman empire.  They are too quick to negate that fact that Janus is the god of transitions and that his power has remained relevant throughout the times, even to this day. 

Janus has a cult following in the Roman mystery schools.  Basically, this mystery school is exactly the same as the Greek mystery schools or the Egyptian mystery school, except they are for Roman deities and the powers that they still possess even in modern times.  Their meeting places are sacred temples called the Portae Belli, where they develop all of their sacred magic.  For instance, rituals and ceremonies are done in honor of Janus and are so sacred that they don’t even have a high priest to preside over them.  Instead, they are presided over by a person called the King of the Sacred Rites, in latin Rex Sacrorum. 

The Rex Sacrorum has a spiritual tie to Janus and is given the authority to invoke his presence during rituals and ceremonies here in the mortal realm.  Janus is invoked to make sacred items that are dispersed to the peoples of the mystery schools and cult followings.  The piece being offered is one of those pieces, which was made during an invocation of Janus during a meeting of the Roman mystery school.  It is ultra-powerful, because this piece does not simply call upon the presence of Janus, it is the presence of Janus.  He his held in the gem that sits between the dual entities that are depicted on this ring. 

The ring is brings extreme power, because the powers of Janus embodies so much.  He is a very complex deity and brings about the presence of very many powers.  Having this ring allows its owner to travel to any point in time, future or past.  Janus assists in the opening of portals, regardless of where the portals lead.  As the god of passages he can sanction astral travel to any point in the universe.  He can be invoked to preside over any type of ritual or ceremony.  Given the fact that he sees into all of time, both future and past, he is the bearer of all magic because he has been invoked to preside over so many magical rituals.  Therefore, he can grant any type of magic that can be imagined.  As the god of transitions, he can be invoked to rearrange the future of any person, whereby the person invoking him can request things such as wealth, good health, love, etc. to be worked into their future and all negative things to be taken out of it. 

As it was mentioned before, this piece brings about extreme power for the person who owns it. 

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