FILE 2882: The Tenth Unknown Man of Ashoka

FILE 2882: The Tenth Unknown Man of Ashoka

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ITEM/   Ring

MATERIAL/  Sterling and Tiger's Eye

SIZE/   Unknown


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  This ring comes pre-activated, as it has been found in the Hidden Temple of Ashoka in Norway     

FILE/  The Tenth Unknown Man of Ashoka

ORIGINS/  From the Hidden Temple of Ashoka in Norway



The origins of this are the Hidden Temple of Ashoka, which is located in Norway.  The temple is located in Norway, because not too much goes on there.  It is here that the followers of Ashoka can congregate without ever having to worry about people finding out about them and the ancient, sacred magic that they practice.  It is the magic that has been passed down through the generations, beginning with Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men. 

Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men is India's only recorded secret society, the oldest secret society in the world, and could changed the world with the utterance of few words.  They were considered to be the nine most powerful men in the world after they were given secrets by King Ashoka of the Maurya dynasty. The number of secret books of magic that was given from Ashoka to his nine most trusted men was nine.. Thus, the society was called Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men. 

Ashoka never had intentions of revealing the names of the ones that he bequeathed his powers and books of knowledge to.  As mentioned before, this number has always been assumed to be nine.  The actual number in this society is ten. The tenth member holds what is called the Book of All.  The Book of All is a magic book that has existed from the beginning of time. It continues to write and add pages to itself, even to this very day.  Every time a new power is discovered or created, a new entry and documentation of the powers is created as an entry in the Book of All.

As time progressed each of these Nine Unknown Men, who were actually Ten Unknown Men need assistance with guarding their particular magical book.  This is how the Ten Unknown Mystery School got their start.  Each one was known as the First Unknown School, the Second Unknown School, etc.  The Tenth Unknown School is the most powerful of the ten and the reason is obviously because they are the governance for the Book of All.  With the Book of All they have a copy of every single power that ever been created or will ever be created in our existence. 

To accompany the Book of All, each member of the Tenth School has been given a ring. These rings vary in size and type, so that way they are not easily detected.  They are usually kept at the secret confines called the Temple of Ashoka, which is located in Norway, a country where nothing ever really happens.  The investigation was intense, but the eventual result was that a single ring was obtained from the Temple of Ashoka.  It is one of the Initiate Rings of the Tenth School.  It governs the Book of All and grants the powers of the Book of All to anybody who wants to uses it. 

With this initiate ring, all of the magic of the Book of All will become an internal part of the body.  The brain will be reprogrammed and the DNA will be rearranged and the knowledge of the Book of All will exist inside the mind of the person who wears the ring.  The ring is an original that was created by the Tenth School.  It is extremely powerful.  It has been tested by several people that we know, whom all say that this piece gave them a surge in power unlike any they have ever felt before.  It allowed them to have a deep-rooted knowledge of ALL MAGIC of the world, from the past, present, and future.  With this item, all the person using it has to do is call upon a particular magic that he or she wants and it becomes theirs, programmed into their DNA, as if the magic has always been common knowledge and part of his or her existence!  Any magic of any kind can be summoned with this piece, as it is an astral record of all magics that ever been performed on the face of Earth!  

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