FILE 2921: Alien Bones
FILE 2921: Alien Bones

FILE 2921: Alien Bones

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ITEM/  Earrings

MATERIAL/ Beads, stones, and Authentic Bone



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ You will  allow the earrings to bathe by the light of the moon on the night of the first full moon.  You will then wear the earrings for two full moon cycles and at the end of the second, their powers will come to you. 

FILE/  Alien Bones

ORIGINS/  Original piece made by the Native Americans



When it comes to magic, most of the times the Native Americans win.  They were here thousands of years before us and they are extremely into the environment and their surroundings.  They pay close attention to those things that most humans simply do not, for better or for worse.  There is also the fact that certain races of Natives were visited by alien lifeforms centuries ago.  It has been well documented amongst Indian tribes that space from the coasts of Washington State to the shores of New Jersey, South to Florida.  For whatever reason, extraterrestrials love North America almost as much as they love ancient Egypt.   

What is being offered is a pair of earrings.  They are more modern earrings, but they have been made with the ancient bones of extraterrestrials who visited the Sioux Indians centuries ago.  These bones have been filed to a point, to almost resemble an arrow head or something along those lines.  When worn, the earrings open up an entire world of mystique and magic that the human mind would otherwise not be capable of.  To begin with, the powers of the alien bones will be pumped throughout your body, carried through the blood line with each beating of the heart.  Eventually these powers will spread through your whole body.  

The first power that is to be had with this piece is a fully psychic awakening.  This means all psychic abilities, none are excluded.  Seeing the future, talking to spirits, being able to identify different kinds of entities that are lurking around on Earth, being a medium for these entities, and being able to draw power from different sources.  Additionally, the earrings will give the user a psychic awakening that will allow them to gain perfect attunement.  This means that the user will be given the ability to hear the vibrations and resonance of the universe that will provide a wealth of energy that can be turned into any power that you desire, with an alchemy form that is also given to the user with these earrings.  This piece is sheer power and all punch.    

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