FILE 2929: Hidden Powers of the Rocks

FILE 2929: Hidden Powers of the Rocks

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ITEM/ ring

MATERIAL/  wire wrapped with center opalescent bead

SIZE/  Unknown


HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/  There is nothing special to activate this piece.  Keep it on your person, so the energies can bond with you.  Once the item has bonded you will undergo the spiritual transformation talked about in the description.

FILE/  Hidden Powers Rock!!

ORIGINS/  Received from an Elemental Witch



This piece contains a very unique power that was obtained from an elemental witch.  All of the magic she practices comes from the Earth and the elements, which she claims are the building blocks for all magic.  After careful analysis it has been concluded that her assumptions are indeed true.  The elements are the common denominator that can be found in most, if not all magic.  Hence, the reason why this piece works in the first place.

This piece does not hold an extravagant power, rather it allows you tap into a source of extravagant power.  It gives you a spiritual, psychic awakening that will help you develop a connection to rocks and stones.  As uneventful as this may seem, one must consider the fact that rocks and stones are simply sleeping pods of power and energy.  In prehistoric times when the world was created, it was obviously created with magic.  A lot of this magic was transformed into rocks, stones, and other matter that became the Earth.  Essentially, the ground is nothing more than solidified crystals of magic that hold the Earth, and human existence, together at the seams.
Rocks and stones do have their own life, it is just extremely dormant.  There is a power, energy, or magic to harvested from ever stone or rock that is seen.  It doesn't matter how plain looking it is or fancy it appears.  There is some type of magic in that rock.  As humans, this fact has eluded us for some time.  Not all of us, but the generalized public.  This is why this piece gives you a spiritual, psychic connection to rocks and stones.  When wearing this piece, the user will be able to identify the power or magic that a stone offers , rather than just seeing the stone as something to toss away.  This way, the person using this piece can use the stones and rocks found in nature to gain powers, create powers, build powers, and share powers.  It is the basis upon which the elemental witch that was mentioned earlier builds her magic.  Samples of her magic include immortality, wealth, love, all different types of spells, protection, lucky, etc.
Use this piece to identify the powers in rocks that are untapped to become very, very powerful.

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