FILE 2983: Vampire Temple of Double Death #
FILE 2983: Vampire Temple of Double Death #
FILE 2983: Vampire Temple of Double Death #

FILE 2983: Vampire Temple of Double Death #

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ITEM/ Vampire necklace with a very old medallion



TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Up to 72-82 days to function at its full compactly.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Light a candle with a drop of blood inside of it, allowing the candle to burn all of the way down before you wear or use the item.

FILE/ Vampire Temple of Double Death

ORIGINS/ Below El Castillo, Mexico



There is a temple buried 2,000 feet below the El Castillo called the Temple of Double Death. It is a maverick among temples as it works as though it were an independent being. It is entirely immersed in power both ancient and modern. Any magic that is ever created, gained, or distributed passes through this place constantly like an independent network. What happens here is both secretive and powerful. Very few people know it exists.

Vampires of all types, whether they be pureblood, transformed, or turned, are linked to this place, mostly without knowing. Only 1 in every 3,000 vampires born, created, or transformed is called to this place where they are granted an item that does absolutely anything they wish for it to do. Whether it be a superpower of some sort, resurrection, or complete immortality, the Temple will grant it and much more.

What occurs is an ancient ritual originally conducted by the Mayans, the primary test of success being whether or not they gained immortality and immunity. They successfully acquired both alongside something unexpected - extreme power.

The ritual requires a sacrifice every time one is called forward. Based on the amount of power that the temple will bestow, it formulates a price. The subject is never asked to name a sacrifice because the temple does not ask for a price, it takes it. It absorbs the blood of however many individuals will sate the debt - sometimes one, more commonly three or four, rarely up to nine - and it does so through the body of the chosen vampire.

The vampire gene is a hybrid gene, which allows for the power to be channeled through out the body of the individual without them dying themselves. A human would never survive the ritual.

The person of sacrifice does not need to be present for this to happen, the temple absorbs the blood from anywhere. The individuals chosen to die will all die at the same time. Along with the blood, their power is also drained and brought to the center of the pyramid where the piece is created. The blood and power come together and create an independent source of power, a hybrid emulation of its previous state, that the pyramid cannot control once it is formed.

The item that is created is laced with the blood shed for its creation. It bestows upon the wearer the extreme power of the ASP vampire, minus the necessity to consume blood because the piece eliminates it.

We had three of these pieces but only one is available because two of them are being borrowed by friends and family. It is never known when the temple will call for another vampire. It has only done so twenty times since its creation. The list of individuals who are known to have seen these place is short because The Temple of Double Death is one of the oldest and most protected secrets that exist among vampires. The reason we have only three of the twenty in our possession and have three names to associate with them is because, of these twenty individuals, only three have ever decided to end their lives and give up the power they have been granted. These individuals were St. Germain, Tesla and Einstein, all of which chose to use the piece to fulfill an ambition.

Whether you desire one of these to fulfill and ambition or to simply gain immortality, it will give you anything you desire. These piece are items of complete power without limitation. This is power without limit and life without end. This is true vampire immortality.

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