FILE 3128: Diabolic Trinity

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If anybody were to perform a websearch on the Cochrane Corporation, a multitude of businesses would be visible in the result list.  One that would certainly never show is the Cochrane Corp that is the codename and tagline for a very sinister driving force.  The Cochrane Group that is being referenced, goes by the nickname the Diabolical Trust Fund.
The money in the Diabolical Trust Fund belongs to nobody in particular, but is used by the upper crust of society, the ones who are in the 1% that rule the rest of the world.  This money is acquired via ritualistic orgies that take place at meetings that are held at place such as the Bohemian Grove, the Royal Palace, the Taj Mahal, the Bildeberg Group, the Pentagon and other places that would never even be thought of.
On December 25, a mock Christmas is performed.  During the mock Christmas there is one female with whom all the males do their business.  This is to mock that fact that Christ was born of a virgin.  The woman is given as a body sacrifice to Satan, who possesses her body and is "reborn" on Earth on the day the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated.
The people in attendance celebrate their passion for Satan, who brings them gifts and offers them wealth in exchange for their souls.  There are ritualistic slaughterings, orgies, and offerings made to Satan.  At the end of his visit, he leaves the woman who gave him the body offering.  She normally lives, sometimes she dies.  Regardless, she gives birth to a diabolical relic that brings the Diabolic Trust Fund's participants great power.
This is one of those relics.  It was recovered during a co-op investigation, but all parties involved have requested to remain anonymous, except for our group.  We are the ones who ended up with the relic.  Before this piece was infused with top-quality white light magic, it brought about the presence of the diabolic trinity.  These three are the mock holy trinity and include Satan, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ.  Their powers are the same as the the Holy Trinity, just opposite and not as powerful.
Through the infusion of white light, this relic became dual magic.  This dual magic is of the utmost power that can be imagined.  When used, this piece invokes the power of either the Diabolic Trinity or the Holy Trinity.  Respectively, these trinities can perform any aspect of dark magic or any aspect of white magic.  To have your magic granted all that needs to be done is light a candle.  Lighting a black candle will summon forth dark forces.  Lighting a white candle will summon forth white forces.  Anything can be requested of these forces and it will be done.  Be forewarned, there are some things white magic will not do that black magic can and vice versa.  This piece was fully tested by our team.  The results of how the relic was used varied from granting life-changing wealth to summoning forth different types of entities, to healing a sick person of all their maladies and even a fully evolved angelic transformation.  The powers that this piece holds are limitless and unmatched.  This one does it all.

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