FILE 33021: Muriel, Astral Sorceress, Find the Extreme
FILE 33021: Muriel, Astral Sorceress, Find the Extreme

FILE 33021: Muriel, Astral Sorceress, Find the Extreme

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ITEM/ Victorian Pin

MATERIAL/  Green Glass from Another Realm



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  This piece needs no ritual.  Just wear the piece and wait for the bond to take place.

FILE/ Muriel, Astral Sorceress, Find the Extreme

ORIGINS/  From a Parallel Realm on Pluto



In astrology, Pluto is the planet of extremes.  Whatever Pluto touches, it will either make or break.  There is no in between.  In fact, Pluto is so mysterious that scientists can't even make up their mind as to whether it is a planet in our solar system... or not in our solar system... or the moon of another planet isn't part of our solar system.  The truth is the Pluto is so bipolar because it is a binary planet.  It is both part of our planetary system, but also part of another, similar in the way to protons and and electrons link up to make molecules. 

The planet of extremes is often the focus of those who perform astral magic.  Because Pluto is so extreme, the planet is often summoned to make the most powerful magic.  There is always that chance, though, that the magic backfires and goes terribly awry.  This is why Plutonian magic is best left to the most powerful of sorcerers and those who absolutely know what they are doing.  While the success of harnessing Pluto's powers can be extremely rewarding, having Pluto on your bad side can be very detrimental.

In this piece is an astral witch whose name is Muriel.  She came to Earth as one of the Ageless Ones, but after only a few centuries of living here, she decided that she wanted to make Pluto her home.  She cast a spell of inhabitation and now lives in a parallel dimension where Pluto provides a habitable atmosphere unlike in our dimension where the surface of Pluto is ice and rock.  In this dimension, Muriel lives and harnesses the power.  She has has managed to tame the wild beast so to speak.  She has a really good connection to the energies that Pluto provides.  This was her goal all along, to move to Pluto and figure out a way to harness the power of Pluto's extremes successfully each and every time. 

She has tried and failed more times than once in her quest to provide the most extreme powers that our solar system has to offer.  She has even sat on a council of astral sorcerers and has made many trips back to Earth in her astral form.  She has also traveled by means of familiar, which is some sort of space animal that looks like of like an owl crossed with some sort of space creature.  This council consists of many different kinds of astral beings, human, witches, sorcerers, etc.  They meet in Egypt every so often as meetings are necessitated.  This is how the piece was obtained, at a meeting of the most powerful astral forces.  At the convergence Muriel offered the assistance to harnessing Pluto's elite power, in the form of this item that has an etching of her own existence on it. 

The piece is an antique green glass pin.  The glass does not originate on Earth, but is from the realm that Muriel has secluded herself to.  It has taken thousands of years for Muriel to create the power and energy that has gone into the making of this piece.  This is because this piece is all inclusive of any power that you could possibly imagine.  It will do any power that you ask of it.  Being as though it came from Pluto, as it was pointed out earlier, this magic is extreme.  This means that everything that you choose to ask of this piece will not only come true, but will come true to the fullest extent of the ability.  This means that when you ask for wealth, it brings extreme wealth for generations.  If you ask for protection, this piece will literally drive all evil forces out of your life, but will go the extra step to eradicate them to make sure they never come back.  If you as this piece to bring you love, it will bring you eternal love, not just a mortal soul mate.  If you ask for beauty and good health, the piece will bring you immortality.  If you as this piece for time travel, it will allow you to not only move in and out through time, but to control time and the effects it has on your reality.  Whatever power the user embarks upon with this piece will be done to the extreme.  The user should be both cautioned and encouraged at this prospect!!

As a bonus this piece will allow you to summon forth Muriel who will appear in astral form or in the form of her medium body.  The user will be able to ask her any questions they might have about the power that is hereby being bequeathed to them.  This is truly a most powerful item!!

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