FILE 3721: Carved Phoenix Bone Rings
FILE 3721: Carved Phoenix Bone Rings

FILE 3721: Carved Phoenix Bone Rings

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ITEM/  Earrings

MATERIAL/  Authentic Bone



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  There are no rituals involved.  Simply wear the earrings on your person and the Phoenix will bond to you.      

FILE/  Carved Phoenix Bone Earrings

ORIGINS/  Made By the Remaining Nephilim



In ancient times there were angels that fell to the Earth.  These angels took human daughters as their wives, laying with these mortal women and impregnating them.  The result was a breed of half-human, half-angel, extremely enlightened beings.  They were half mortal because they could be killed easily and most of them were in the Great Flood.  They were also half angel, because they carried with them a great knowledge of the magic of Heaven.  This had been a gift that was passed on via their angelic forefathers.  This great knowledge was the way of the angelic beings before they fell from Heaven and before they cross-breeded with the humans. 

The magic that was given to the Nephilim is a very basic but very powerful form of white light magic.  It is the white light magic that all angels are born with, which they learn to grow and perfect during their stay in the Garden of Eden.  The Nephilim are akin to this kind of magic because-- again-- they were born with it, as they are half angels. 

God views the Nephilim as abhorations, and as such sent the Great Flood of Noah to destroy them.  Not all of them died, some of the remained and that is how this piece was made.  These are pieces that were carved from the original bone of a Phoenix, which goes to show that not only do Phoenixes live in the mortal realm, but they must be in Heaven, too.  This is how the Nephilim, who were given the knowledge of Heaven by their angelic forefathers, knew that the Phoenix exhibited great powers. 

These earrings have Phoenixes carved into them to represent the powers that whomever is using them will receive.  First things first, the earrings do not have to be worn as earrings, they can be kept in the pocket like somewhat of a good luck charm.  Given the fact that these earrings were made from Phoenix bone, it makes sense that when using them the person in charge of this power is able to summon forth the full presence of a mighty, immortal Phoenix.  This Phoenix has officially stopped cycling and now just grants extreme wealth for its owner. 

The Phoenix will appear to the user in full spiritual form, before going out to fly among the astral realms, finding you wealth in mass quantities.  In fact, it will bring the user so much wealth that he or she won't know what to do with it.  They will have wealth not only for their personal use, but to cast upon whom they choose fit.  This wealth comes in many different forms including gambling, games of chance, lawsuits, inheritance, etc.  This piece is wealth at its finest because it embodies the finest kind of entity to bring wealth.  If rich is the desired outcomes, then this piece is the perfect piece!!

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