FILE 3882: Taurean Trine Djinn

FILE 3882: Taurean Trine Djinn

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HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/  You will place a piece of you inside of the locket.  This can be a lock of hair, a fingernail clipping or a flake of skin.  You will then wear the piece for the prescribed 45 days, after which the powers will come to you.     

FILE/  Taurean Trine Djinn

ORIGINS/  This piece was created during this past year's Taurean Trine



This piece was created during a special time in May of this past year.  The event was called the Taurean Trine and involved a trine of planets in a sacred geometrical pattern.  It was the Sun in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and, of course Earth where it always is.  This sacred trine that was created by the convergence of these three planets opened up an ancient portal to a realm where even more ancient entities are housed. 

These entities are on the same level of existence as we are, but they are kept on a parallel existence.  Therefore, it was especially difficult to summon the presence of this entity into an item.  To put it in perspective, it's like trying to see over the horizon.  Looking straight up provides a glance at the stars.  Looking straight down provides the ability to see the ground.  Attempting to see what's on the horizon will end eventually, regardless of the circumstances. 

Efforts paid off though and the work was diligent.  In this piece is housed an ancient entity who is known as a Taurean Djinn.  This is because it comes during the season of Taurus.  These djinn, which can only be summoned during the season of Taurus, during a Trine, are very rare.  They bring with them a certain type of cosmological power that allows for the altering of destinies. 

Whomever is the user of this piece can use the abilities of Taurean Djinn to see into the immediate, semi-immediate, and distant future.  They can evaluate their situations and see if they are content to leave them the way they are or if they desire to change them.  If a change is desired, the Taurean Djinn will facilitate that change and the user can ask for anything to be written into the star sequence that dictates their destiny.  The Taurean Djinn literally has the ability to grant just about any kind of future that any person could think of.  It is an amazing feat, certainly one to be coveted.  It is only available using this piece. 

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