FILE 409: Louisiana Possession #
FILE 409: Louisiana Possession #
FILE 409: Louisiana Possession #

FILE 409: Louisiana Possession #

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ITEM/ Pendent




HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Louisiana Possession

ORIGINS/ Morgan City, Louisiana



The names in his document remain undisclosed as per the request of the individuals involved.



In December of 2010, a nature photographer had left cameras set up in various areas so he could film animals but when he returned to collect them, he found one in particular completely destroyed. It is not uncommon for animals to sniff out and find things like cameras when people leave them behind. It is also not uncommon for them to toy around with or even destroy what they find.

Instead of an animal, the photographer discovered a picture of what appeared to be a feral spectral figure. The figure appeared humanoid but it was white, possessed glowing eyes, and appeared to have no hair or ears. It also appeared on all-fours. After finding the photo, the photographer had set up another camera in the same area alongside several others in hopes of catching another glimpse of the creature but it never worked.

In January of 2011, the photographer enlisted the help of one of his close friends. The photographer did not tell anyone else about what he had discovered. Together they set up a camcorder with a live feed in hopes of catching an actual video of the creature. They took turns watching over the area at night and during the day.

It was late January by the time the creature made its next appearance. Both men had fallen asleep and the cameras were not being watched. The photographer's best friend woke up to the sound of the front door opening and closing. The other man was no where to be found and it was in the middle of the night. He waited for an hour before going to look for his friend, aware of the threat of the unknown creature that was lurking the woods.

The photographer wasn't found and the man managed to find his way back after almost two hours of looking. He seemed to have completely disappeared. When the man returned to the home, the photographer was there, watching the monitors. When asked where he had gone, the photographer remained unresponsive at first but then stated that he had been fixing one of the cameras that had malfunctioned. He had began to act strange after that night. He would often be found standing in the center of the room or his eyes would roam to the ceiling where he would appear to be watching something roam but nothing would ever be there. He also had an extreme lack of interest in finding the creature.

After growing suspicious, the photographer's best friend decided to continue on on his own. He would set up the cameras each night and watch them periodically. One night, while it was storming, the cameras began to malfunction and three of them had gone completely dark. The two that remained up and running were closest to the house. He noticed a figure on one of them. The figure remained still for a while before walking toward the camera. It was the photographer and his eyes and mouth appeared hollow. That is the last time the photographer had been seen and that is also the last time his best friend had been heard from.

The video evidence still exists but it is locked away in the Vatican alongside several other proofs that show demons actually roam the Earth. They were collected after the incident. The whereabouts of the photographer, who was undoubtedly possessed, is unknown.

This item was found near the house. It allows the wearer to shape shift into whatever they choose to be. It was the item that the demon had been using to conceal himself with the photographer's identity. With it, you will be able to appear however and or as whomever you choose. Additionally, it allows persuasion or manipulation of thought so whomever sees you will believe you are who you say you are.

You will not become possessed by using this piece as it is not the vessel of a demon or of demonic nature.

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