FILE 4892: Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the Oppressed
FILE 4892: Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the Oppressed
FILE 4892: Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the Oppressed
FILE 4892: Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the Oppressed

FILE 4892: Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the Oppressed

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ITEM/ Pendent

MATERIAL/ Enamel Images over Metal or Sterling Silver



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no activation required.

FILE/ Joan of Arc, White Light Warrior, Protectorate of the oppressed

ORIGINS/ This piece was actually given to somebody by the hands of Saint Michael. She then gave it to us.



The threshold into the End of Times has been crossed. As it stands there is no turning back. Massive spiritual warfare will ensue and will also take the form of physical warfare on Earth. The recent terror attacks that have been going on all over the world are enough proof of this. As extremists continue to fight to push for a one-world Sharia law government, they have left a blood bath in the wakes. Demons take possession of mortal bodies and cause them to do evil things, to try God's people, to wear thin on their patience. Satan wants people to leave the only safe place they have left and that is in the faith of God. He wants them to abandon their faith, to turn to wicked ways. This way, he can claim souls for his army that will battle God's army of angels in the War of Ages.

In the meantime, God has unleashed an army of his own. This includes angels and saints alike. They have been coming on strong in epic proportions, because the heat is being turned up by their dark counterparts. This piece is an amazing item summons forth an ages old saint of the church. The piece came to a parishioner of the Orleans Cathedral. The Parishioner, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, told us that just moments before she found out about the attacks in Nice on Bastille Day, she was sitting in the Cathedral. She has been fed up with all the negativity in the media, and the politics, and the the warfare, and everything else that just brings her down on a daily basis. She said that this is when the Cathedral started shaking.

At first, she thought that it was an earthquake, which aren't common to her area, but also aren't unheard of. She said it wasn't enough to make her fall over, just enough to rattle her. She held onto her seat for leverage. The the skies opened up to her and she said she heard a voice like the roaring of a river. It told her not to be afraid. She looked up and the ace of Saint Michael looked back at her. She said she had never seen the face of Saint Michael, or any angel before that, but something in her mind told her it was Saint Michael. She was still a little bit shaken, but paid attention to what the archangel spoke to here. The inside of the Cathedral ceiling opened up and Heaven flashed before her eyes. The archangel told her that this is the Kingdom of Heaven, promised to those who are steadfast and loyal. He handed the lady a piece and told her that as proof he has given her the presence of the Matron of Orleans.

This lady ended up seeking us out, knowing that we deal with the paranormal. She surrendered the piece, not really wanting the responsibility. She said that one experience was enough to make her believe for 20 lifetimes. After working with this piece, it has been determined that housed in the piece is the presence of Saint Joan of Arc. She was the child Patroness of France who fought of the English during the hundreds years war and helped France gain back their sovereignty. She was eventually tried for treason and burned at the stake. This was later overruled and reversed by the Catholic Church. She eventually martyred and canonized as a saint. She died at the young age of 19.

What made Saint Joan of Arc so ardent in pursuing the life of liberation? She was given visions of Saint Michel, similar in fashion to the way the lady who gave us this piece saw Saint Michael in the Cathedral. Joan of Arc also saw visions of Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine of Alexandria. They instructed to support the French rule in his fight against the English for the freedom of France. She obliged and she became one of the fiercest warriors ever caught by the English. Her vigor in wanting to free the French from the rule of the English was unparalleled and the magic in her piece is unparalleled as well.

This piece summons forth the presence of Saint Joan of Arc. She comes to the user of this piece and she will give them unprecedented courage to face evil forces. The user will be given white light source to be able to conjure and create their own white light powers and abilities. This includes white light spells, as well. The power in this piece takes the user to the realms of Heaven, where he or she will be able to feast their eyes upon the splendor of Saint Michael in his battle gear, the same way he appeared to the lady who gave us this piece and the same way he appeared to Saint Joan when she was a child. This piece conjures up the anger of God and as such gives the user the ability to banish and destroy evil with the utterance of a single word. Evil will have no authority.

With the powers in this piece, the user will gain white light authority, meaning he or she will be able to speak white light powers into existence. These powers can either be given to the person or can be given to other people. This piece gives the user the voice of God. When the user speak, all things will obey. Evil will flee from their presence. There is nothing that cannot be complete with this piece. The white light transformation will be complete when Saint Michael lays his hand upon the user's head to perform the spiritual baptism of holy fire. This will create a transformation that will make the user part human part archangel. It is a binding promise that the end time are near, but with God's power we will all overcome. This power will make you strong and you will succeed. There are very, very few pieces that are more powerful than this one. If white light is the forte, then this piece is the pick!!

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