FILE 49339: Top Secret Apollo 20 Mission #
FILE 49339: Top Secret Apollo 20 Mission #

FILE 49339: Top Secret Apollo 20 Mission #

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ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling silver and 10K Gold

SIZE/ 11


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Top Secret Apollo 20 Mission

ORIGINS/ Worn by William Rutledge on the Moon on Apollo 20



The last reputable mission from the moon and back was Apollo 17, which ended in 1972, after which Apollo 18, Apollo 19, and Apollo 20 missions were planned. The reason three more missions were planned is because NASA has found structures on the Moon and the unannounced missions are attempts to investigate these items further without having to answer to the general public. After the conspiracy theories that suggest photos allegedly taken on the moon are fake and that the Moon landing had never happened in the first place, NASA has only gotten more secretive with their missions.

The photos are fake. The photographic evidence intended to act as documentation of Apollo 17's landing on the Moon was staged on a set designed to look like the surface of the moon. They did so to cover up what they actually found. The surface of the moon is covered in craters, many of which harbor mysterious structures at the center. This wasn't proven until 2007, when a man who identified himself as William Rutledge stepped forward and claimed to be an astronaut who had been chosen alongside several others to go on a mission to the moon in 1976. The team of astronauts were not briefed on their mission until landing on the Moon where they were told that they were to explore what appeared to be a ship.

Tests on the exterior of the ship revealed that the ship was at least 1.5 million years old. The ship itself was in relatively good condition aside from the latches keeping the doors jammed into place. They even found alien remains.

NASA has tried tirelessly to cover this mission up on several occasions.

To start with, NASA says that Apollo 20 never left the ground but the only reason provided for this is and has always been lack of funding, which is the same reason why Apollo 18 and Apollo 19 never left the ground either. They claim that the last NASA lunar mission was Apollo 17 but but have contradicted themselves by saying on another occasion that there was another mission. When skepticism arouse, this mission was given a name and a purpose but only after the fact. This mission was called Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, which they came is wrongfully mistaken with the Apollo 18 that never occurred. NASA was caught in a lie.

After Apollo 20 returned, the astronauts were sworn to an oath of secrecy and stripped entirely of all of their possessions to ensure that no one on Apollo 20 could smuggle evidence out of the space center.

When William Rutledge's items were returned to him, he found everything there. He returned home the same night. NASA had missed something. When he had landed on the Moon and had come in contact with the alien spacecraft, he had been wearing this item and it had inherited some of the alien power infused in the material that made up the star ship. He found that he could hear and see things completely different than before. He could tell exactly what people were thinking, he knew whether or not they were being truthful, he was instantly aware of their intentions, and he even became able to communicate with others telepathically.

When he released information about the part he had played in Apollo 20, Rutledge had claimed that he did not fear the backlash from NASA. He believed that the world deserved to know the truth, which includes the power of this item.

Other people who have come in contact with this item could hear and see other spirits. They could also easily interact with anyone and anything and understand them perfectly. There was a complete lack of language barrier. They were able to read and comprehend ancient texts. The power within this piece is incredibly ancient and so any language that it crosses that came to exist after the existence of this magic can be understood easily and perfectly. With prolonged use, some people even became aware that they became capable of speaking these languages fluently.

With this piece, you will also be able to perform telepathic abilities such as complete mental communication, influence, and awareness. You will be able to read other people clearly. There will be no secrets that will be able to be kept from you. Additionally, you may discover other alien magic among you just be crossing paths with it. Alien items or items infused with alien power often react to each other when in close proximity.

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