FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #
FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #
FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #
FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #
FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #

FILE 5220: Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials #

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ITEM/ Bracelet

MATERIAL/ Metal and Crystals



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Dogon Door, Secret Encryptions, Ritual Burials




The people of Dogon are broadly known for their decorative door crafting. Their society uses them frequently for multiple reasons beyond the obvious. Most commonly, their granaries will have one of these doors. The doors may be given away as tokens of luck or gratitude, marriage gifts, or passed down like family heirlooms. The doors range from a multitude of styles and are decorated with many different types of symbols. No door ever quite tells the same story.

There is another style of door that the Dogon people create, which is less widely known. They create slightly smaller doors, upon which they will carve the same symbol for every door for the same purpose. The symbol itself is the first thing anyone will notice and it will appear less interesting compared to others. One has to know what they are looking for. The large symbol will be made up of smaller symbols, which will sometimes give a hint at what the door is concealing, was created to conceal, or what it has brought into the world. It is always written in a secret language so it is unlikely that anyone, even if they did notice that the larger symbol is just a shape created by thousands of smaller ones, would understand them.

The Dogon people have a smaller group mostly made up of men with just a few women that is always evolving. The group itself accepts new members rarely but when they do, it is often a child of 9 or 12 because that is when children, both male and female, are initiated by circumcision. It is a ritual that marks the end of their youth and leads them into adulthood. The children that will join the group are chosen during these events by other members of the secret group and then the group comes together over the following month while the new initiates walk among the village naked as the next step of their adulthood. They select only one, which is the most fit for the group. It is often the child with supernatural inclinations.

When each new initiate is chosen, another ritual takes place. One member of the group chants, word for word, what will be inscribed on the door while another carves the symbols into the door in the shape of whatever animal will represent the child for the rest of their days in the group.

The door is then buried beneath at least three feet of dirt, beneath it is a small amount of important belongings that the child wishes to carry over with him or her. The child is shallowly buried just above the door, their heads left unburied. The dirt is kept damp and the child is fed an assortment of herbs, the blood of the animal they will become associated with, and it's mixed with a small amount of water only once a day. After approximately seven days, the child digs up their own door and belongings and they are considered fully initiated.

When the child rises from the shallow grave, they do so being unrestrained by human limitations. Whatever ability they were chosen for is entirely unhindered and at their complete disposal. They spend years afterwards completely segregated and living among only themselves and the few other members of this small group and they do nothing but strengthen their tether with their ability. By their mid-twenties most master their supernatural component.

This is one of the items that was buried in one of the most recent rituals. We had visited Mali multiple times in the past but have always been late for the burials.

This piece is capable of the previous owner's power. When the items are buried they gain the influence of the one who's door it was buried under. They are created because they help teach the child what they can and will be capable of because the power within these is already there, it doesn't need to be learned. This was owned by what will eventually become one of the most powerful psychics when he comes of age. You will be able to use your mind to do anything you can imagine. Whether it be to control one's actions, thoughts, or speech, or perhaps to simply listen in once in a while so you can be one step ahead, it'll come to you naturally. You will likely experience visions as well, ones that tell you what will come to pass.

Additionally, as the child strengthens in power, so will you. For now, this piece exists as a emulation of what he could be, which is already extraordinarily powerful. However, the Dogon people are ambitious and most exceed the expectations of their burial items.

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