FILE 560: Dragon of Fate and Power #
FILE 560: Dragon of Fate and Power #
FILE 560: Dragon of Fate and Power #

FILE 560: Dragon of Fate and Power #

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ITEM/ Earring

MATERIAL/ Metal with a crystal ball



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special activation necessary.

FILE/ Ryu, Dragon of Fate and Power




Dragons have not roamed the Earth for thousands of years. The last dragon known to exist did so in Japan during the Paleolithic period and was identified as Ryu, the dragon of fate. The dragon was enormous and serpent like with three claws. It roamed Japan during a time where humans were not certain to have inhabited the archipelago but it is not entirely impossible either. Evidence of human presence occurs around 35,000, after which Ryu had already died and converted to spirit form where he continues to thrive to this day.

He appears during tragedy and hovers over, watches it unfold, and ensures that it does so as it should. Occasionally he may decide to spare someone from misfortune and is known to grant wishes. To each of these chosen people, he grants an item. No item is the same and most of them are priceless so people do not sell them. In fact, there is only believed to be about eight of these items in all of existence and this is the first and only one to ever change owners.

The owner of this item is the most recent to have received something from Ryu. They did not have any living family members, no children of their own, and no spouse and thus no one to pass the piece off to. It was auctioned in late May 2016 and has since then jumped from owner to owner. The item channels Ryu himself and grants the holder anything they may need or desire. Past owners have asked for wealth, a significant other, supernatural powers, and psychic ability. One particular owner even asked for the return of a loved one in spirit form.

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