FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #
FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #
FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #
FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #
FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #

FILE 593: Assyrian Clay Tablet #

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ITEM/ Bracelet

MATERIAL/ Gold filled metal and real amethyst.



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Assyrian Clay Tablet

ORIGINS/ Ancient Sumerian city of Nineveh



Over 22,000 Assyrian clay tablets were found in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry Layard. One of the earliest known systems of writing is written upon these tablets, which were created by Sumerians 6,000 years ago. It took over 150 years to figure out how the system of writing worked, after which one of the first tablets interpreted described an asteroid hitting Köfels, Austria.

Other tablets described events similar. The tablets acted like documentations of natural disasters. One even described a plague, which had never been recorded by history otherwise.

In 1869, a pearl white tablet was discovered. It was not and still has not been revealed to the general public, likely due to its nature. It was the only one like it out of all 22,000. Other tablets were created neatly, some in odd shapes or sizes, some carved very neatly, but this particular tablet was different in appearance and even aura. Despite standing out because of its appearance, it was soon discovered that the tablet had other peculiar components about it as well. The tablet could not be placed against a flat surface, it could not be broken and it would not sink if placed in water or any other liquid, regardless of how dense.

Whenever attempts to decipher what was written on its surface were made, the symbols would shift and sometimes even change completely. At first it was assumed that it could be a trick of light or perhaps some sort of optical illusion but it was soon discovered that there was absolutely no way to explain the tablet, its behavior, or its creation.

In 2007, the tablet was discovered to have somewhat of a schedule. It wasn't a trick of light or an optical illusion. The surface shifted in a pattern based on the hour. It shifts 3 times per hour but at different times depending on the hour of the day. Only after that does the pattern become prevalent.

The surface of the tablet, depending on the hour, describes a ritual for a superior celestial being. It describes a being coming down from the stars. The being was nearly the height of two men. The being possessed wings larger than any living bird at the time with each wing powerful and large enough to cause a gust of wind strong enough to displace anything too close. The being wore a hood but they had no face and they carried a sword that was as long as a man was tall. This being was discovered to be Raphael.

In 2010, the tablet was discovered cracked. It had previously been indestructible and after that, the symbols had stopped shifting so it is believed that the item had been stolen and was replaced with a replica of some kind.

In 2012, during what was believed by many to be the rapture, this item surfaced. It was found within the center of the cracked tablet. The symbols had taken to shifting constantly across the surface again, which proved that the tablet had not been stolen but the pattern was completely off. When this piece was removed, the tablet turned black.

This piece summons the archangel Raphael, whom will come to you in physical form. If you do not call upon him, he watches over you and guards you. He has been known to visit randomly if something nefarious lurks too close to the one he is guarding but he will not disrupt you - you may barely even notice. He will prioritize you and will ensure that you stay safe. He will even, with time, all you to inherit some of his abilities, which you can use as you see fit.

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