FILE 5932: The Ring of All Galaxies
FILE 5932: The Ring of All Galaxies
FILE 5932: The Ring of All Galaxies

FILE 5932: The Ring of All Galaxies

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ITEM/  Ring

MATERIAL/  Sterling Silver with a Galaxy Stone

SIZE/  As it stands a size 7, but it is adjustable

TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ up to three full-moon cycles.  Roughly up to 90 days.

HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/  This piece comes already activate, only bonding time is needed.     

FILE/  The Ring of All Galaxies

ORIGINS/ Secret Chamber in the Pyramid of the Sun



To many different peoples of the ancient world, the constellation Orion was more than just a cluster of stars.  Sure, to the ancient Greeks the constellation was believed to be a great hunter in the skies, but there is more to it than that.  Other peoples of the world had a more practical view of Orion and it showed in the way they built their cities.  

In the highlands of Mexico, approximately 35 miles northeast of Mexico City in current times, lie the ruins of an ancient city called Teotihuacan.  It is quite apparent in the layout of their city that they venerated the stars of Orion.  They are the only other civilization to boast a pyramid complex that contains three pyramids-- two larger and one smaller-- that mirrors the pyramids of Giza.

The main pyramid of this complex is called the Pyramid of the Sun.  It is a temple where many rituals, including sacrifices, took place in ancient days.  The complex, specifically the Pyramid of the Sun, contain sacred observatories that align not only with Orion but many other series of cosmic bodies that can be found in the Milky Way and throughout the universe.  

The pyramids and the city were built by the ancient Incan Civilization, but these people are not the only ones who knew that there was something special about Orion’s belt.  The Mayans knew it.  The Egyptian clearly understood what was going on.  The Aztecs were in the know and so were the Hopi Native Americans  Throughout time, there have been teachings that the hardened hearts of modern mortals have chosen to neglect as past fallacies or larger than life tall-tales.  This lends to the fact that most modern day researchers are scratching their heads, wondering why the Orion belt was of such importance.  

This piece was taken from the Pyramid of the Sun.  The Pyramid of the Sun has not be publicly in use for rituals or ceremonies for a very, very long.  The fact that this piece, which isn’t that old comparatively speaking, was found in a secret chamber in the Pyramids, lends suspicion that the pyramid is secretly being used by some group of people.  Perhaps they are the modern day ancestors of a lost race?  If that is the case their magic certainly rivals the magic of even the Egyptians and the Mayans.  

This item is called the Ring of All Galaxies and it is named such because of what it does for its owner.  It contains highly charged magic from the pyramids of Teotihuacan.  It is the magic that was practiced by the now extinct Incan empire, who understood that Orion was more than just a belt made up of three stars.  It stargate to the rest of the universe.  It is the door to exploration and all that anybody ever wanted to know about existence, creation, and the powers that held at the center of the universe in the Cosmic Conscious.  It is the blueprint for life.  

The person who has this ring will be able to spiritually leave their body.  They will be pull by the gravitation force of Orion’s nebula, ever closer to the three stars that serve as the stargate.  This person will be able to travel through the stargate to encounter all other forms of life and existence.  From the completely immortal races, to the ones that exist in totally holographic reality.  From digitally enhanced realms where races can be zapped quicker than a cell phone call can be made, to place where the only source of food is the white light that the beings use to create magic.  From empty planets where the trees can talk and tell all like supreme trees of life, to realms where entities have two and three brains to accommodate all they have learned.  This piece allows the person who owns it the very unique and powerful ability to visit all corners and segments of reality, to gain their powers, and to bring them back to the mortal realm.  

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