FILE 7439: Masonic Secrets of the DIA
FILE 7439: Masonic Secrets of the DIA
FILE 7439: Masonic Secrets of the DIA

FILE 7439: Masonic Secrets of the DIA

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ITEM/ Pendent




HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ This piece is already activated, simply wear the piece to gain the power.

FILE/ Masonic Secrets of the DIA

ORIGINS/ Made from Masonic Magic of the Denver International Airport



There are a lot of conspiracies the circulate regarding the Denver International Airport, which opened its doors for business in 1995. This was after falling over a year behind schedule, even with its allotted $2B over-budget expenditure. Time and money are not the only things that this airport takes up, though. It also takes up a lot of land, about 53 square miles to be exact. Over two decades later and it is still the largest airport in the United States of America. Apart from being monumental in its construction and budget, the DIA is rife with conspiracy theories of its own.

From the supposed swastika shape of its runways, to the theory that the DIA is an international headquarters for the NWO, to the fact that blue horse mascot is a demon, to the murals on the walls being demonic in nature. The DIA has its fair share of conspiracy theories. To hit the head on the nail, conspiracy theorists are going to have to dig a little bit deeper than what they have. Anybody can say that there are underground NWO bases somewhere, but to prove their claim other than saying, "Oh that airport is huge, it has to be this or that," i going to take a little bit of work.

On the other hand, the item that we have proves that our own "conspiracy theory" is not a conspiracy theory at all, but is nothing but the facts. Yes, it is true that the DIA was built in order to replace the falling-apart Stapleton International Airport. However, just like America's capitol was built for a purpose with Masonic roots influencing its construction, Denver International Airport was built in the same fashion.

The DIA was built with Masonic proportions. The shape of the hallways, the layout and designs of the interior. There is even a dedication stone that holds the Masonic symbol. This airport was not just designed to be an airport for physical flights, but also an airport for souls. It may sound like a far stretch, but it is the absolute truth. The Denver International Airport was built in such a way that the shape of the airport, along with the mysterious symbols that can be seen plastered on the floor and walls throughout, work together to open a portal. The guardian to this portal is the Blue Horse that is seen outside of the DIA, which has become their mascot. He has fiery red eyes that look at people with eternal wisdom. It's almost like the horse is alive and that's because he is.

On the other side of the portal the horse is alive. He is the guardian of the great realm in which he exists. As for the realm itself, it is a place where the Masonic elite are sent to achieve their final awakening. By this I mean they go there to become a 3rd degree mason, to become the elite, to become part of the ascended masters, and to become like gods on Earth. Once a Masonic initiate has returned from this realm they are gods on Earth. They literally become capable of all things including the ability to grant all powers and abilities, the ability to grant all wishes, the ability to change destiny simply by speaking out a new path of fate, the ability to create powers of their own, the ability to change matter, and the list goes on and on.

This piece that is being offered is one of the Initiate's piece. The power in this piece allows the user to recreate and travel through the same portal that can be opened at the DIA. On the other side of this portal, the user can receive their transformation. This transformation matches the one that was just described above, with all the powers coming to life for them. There are only one of these items, which is the original initiate piece of the Freemasons. It is alive in its power and waiting for an initiate.

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