FILE 7710: Die Blutfahne
FILE 7710: Die Blutfahne

FILE 7710: Die Blutfahne

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SIZE/ 10 AND 11


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ You will place a small drop of blood on the piece and allow it to remain there for 24 hours. After that you will wear the piece on your person.

FILE/ Die Blutfahne

ORIGINS/ From Wewelsburg Castle, made with the blood from Die Blutfahne



The biggest mystery of WWII seems to be what happened to Die Blutfahne. Die Blutfahne was the flag that was given to Adolf Hitler after he and 3,000 of his staunchest supporters tried to besiege key government buildings in Germany. It didn't work, and 16 of his people died during a shootout. He was arrested two days later and tried for treason.

When he was released from jail he was given a flag that contained the blood of his comrades. The fallen later became the first martyrs of the Nazi party and the flag was called Die Blutfahne or the Blood Flag. The flag was celebrated by Nazi party members, it was used in major ceremonies, it was used to sanctify other flags, and Nazi members swore their oath to it.

The last time Die Blutfahne was seen in public was October of 1944. Nobody knows what happened to the flag. Some say it was destroyed in the heavy bombings before the end of the war. Others say some disgruntled ally member took the flag not knowing what it was. However, the piece that is being offered tells a completely different story altogether. The piece was made using blood alchemy that was crafted by the Nazis during the war. It comes from a place called Wewelsburg Castle. The castle was a place where Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler fulfilled their childhood fantasies of all sorts of dark magic. It is also the place where Die Blutfahne ended up. The blood from the flag was used to create alchemy that raised the fallen from the dead.

This piece was made with the same sort of alchemy spell that was designed at Wewelsburg Castle, using the blood of Die Blutfahne. As a result, this piece is packed with magic. It is dual magic that was developed by the Nazis during the war. This magic includes anything from the ability to astral travel and time travel, to the ability to perform Nazi blood rites. It also gives the ability to communicate with an alien subspecies that were contacted during the war. The Nazis actually contracted with these aliens to win the war, but the contract came too late. These aliens hold all types of magic as well, that whoever uses this piece can ask for.

The ring not only serves as a summoning piece for Nazi magic, but also as a summoning piece for an alien guide that will come to you in full form and give you any magic or power that you ask for. This is because summoning the aliens is one of the powers that the Nazis made using the blood from Die Blutfahne. This magic is extremely powerful and the user of this piece will experience that first-hand when using this piece.

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