FILE 7729: Ancient Atlantis and Modern Marvels
FILE 7729: Ancient Atlantis and Modern Marvels
FILE 7729: Ancient Atlantis and Modern Marvels

FILE 7729: Ancient Atlantis and Modern Marvels

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ITEM/ earrings

MATERIAL/ sterling silver and glass

SIZE/ small


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ You will create a salt circle with a candlestick in the middle of it. Place the item inside of the salt circle and allow the candle to burn out while the piece is still within that circle.

FILE/ Ancient Atlantis and Modern Marvels

ORIGINS/ Mad from ancient Atlantean Magic



After the great deluge, the Atlanteans that were lucky enough to get out alive were dispersed far and near. Some ended up in their own realm-- the New Atlantis. Others ended up in Egypt and still others ended up with the Mayans. Records indicate that others ended up at various other locations throughout the world. This piece is concerned with the factions of Atlanteans that ended up in the region of the world that became known as Central America.

While the Mayan nation thrived, the Atlanteans taught them many secrets. These secrets are embedded into codes that are written through the system of Mayan earthworks, temples, pyramids and other structures. It is a code that is written in a way that nobody really understands it. It is more of a natural code that is written in nature and the way things are built. The Atlanteans were really connected to nature and most of the time lived outside of their own bodies on higher planes of enlightenment. This is why the Atlanteans were able to embed these secret codes in sequences that looked like natural occurences.

The Mayans learned most of what they know from their visits with the Atlanteans. Everything from their long and short count calendar to their divine understanding of astrological magic, they can thank the Atlanteans for. The reason why most of the Mayan civilization remains such a crazy mystery is because it has been recorded in the ways described above. There are, however, ways to crack the code to these ancient secrets. One would be to have the presence of the Atlantean bloodline in your DNA. The second way would be to have a magical item that provides the ability to achieve an enlightenment that would allow one to live in a constant state of enlightenment such as the Atlanteans did.

These earrings have been made by a modern-day Mayan sorceress. Her bloodlines lie in Mayan royalty, as in the high priests of the temple. To make this piece, she channeled her ancestors who came through her body. In all actuality, it was past high priests who made this piece using the body of their descendant. It was made using the magic that the Atlanteans taught to the Mayans years after the Great Deluge.

When wearing these earrings, the person using it will first begin to hear spirit voices of past Atlanteans. These voices will instruct the wearer in magical ways of the past. They will deliver secrets of Ancient Atlantean magic and how to read the codes that the Atlanteans left around for the enlightened of mind. Once the user begins to notice these cryptic messages, a full body transformation will take place, but only when the earrings are actually being worn. The fully body transformation allows the person who is using this piece to travel back to the times of Atlantis before the great deluge. They will be introduced to the wisemen of Atlantis and taken to the ancient Atlantean pyramids. They will be give all the secrets of ancient Atlantis. This magic includes time-travel, astral-travel, astrological magic, ancient purple light wizardry, and a vast amount of other kinds of magic that will be delivered to person who uses this piece.

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