FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #
FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #
FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #
FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #
FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #

FILE 7732: Unknown Bilderberg Meeting #

Regular price $ 2,000.00

ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling

SIZE/ 10.5

TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Begin wearing it right away.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ It is fully activated. You just need to light a candle for yourself to make it yours.

FILE/ Unknown Bilderberg Meeting

ORIGINS/ Underground New York City



This meeting occurs every five years. It is not publicized like the ones you hear about on the news. Only a few people are selected to attend one of these meetings and these people would be like George Soros and the likes of his kind.

What they discuss is technology, alien technology, mind control and wealth. They meet only every 5 years and a new member is accepted only after one has died. To get to the meeting, there is a secret elevator location in a New York city hotel. They take the elevator to the underground where a full catered meal is prepared for them by people who sign their life away to not say a word.

After the meal, homeless people are released beneath the city in New York city in the tunnels for the older gentlemen who are a part of the secret club. They hunt humans who have had one leg amputated. Once they catch them, which can only be done by bow and arrow or sling shot - guns are not allowed - they then tie them down and make them eat the leg they amputated.

Afterwards, they have to bite out the eye of the homeless individual with their own teeth and swallow it whole. They cannot chew it or eat it in smaller pieces, it must be ingested in its entirety. Once the eye is swallowed they tilt the homeless individual's head back, they put their mouths to theirs and inhale their breath.

They then amputate the other leg. Using the blood from that leg, they draw a circle around the chair of which they have them tied down. A ritual is performed, which includes various different things and a male ring is placed into the empty eye socket of the homeless person. They leave them there for 24 hours, remove the ring, wash it off and the ring is empowered with 10 years of power. How else do you think these people get their money?

This ring is of dual nature, it is for a man, it brings wealth, it brings technology and it does bring communication from a sacrificed individual that is unable to lie. The individual must travel back and forth to give the information to all future events so you may prepare for them or change them as you see fit. You are given the power to do so. This power does full control of corporations, government, government entities, holds alien technology and has extreme wealth.

These rings are called the black cross of power.

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