FILE 780: Vampire of the South Necropolis
FILE 780: Vampire of the South Necropolis
FILE 780: Vampire of the South Necropolis

FILE 780: Vampire of the South Necropolis

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ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold

SIZE/ 11


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Begins to work within 10 days, full power at 7 months

FILE/ Vampire of the South Necropolis

ORIGINS/ From the Southern Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland



In the Gorbals district of Glasgow, Scotland lies the Southern Necropolis. It is a huge burial site that boasts over 250,000 tombs. There are many famous and well-known people buried here such as politician John Robertson, architect Alexander Thomson, and Sir Thomas Lipton, who is the founder of Lipton Tea. Under most circumstances, the place is a peaceful resting spot for the dead. That all changed in 1954.

The disturbance took place on the night of September 23, when an officer named Alex Deeprose was called investigate a strange even. When Deeprose arrive at the Southern Necropolis, he also arrived to hundreds of children patrollin the cemetery with knives and wooden stakes. These children were looking for a vampire, approximately 7 feet tall, who had apparently eaten two local boys. The headmaster came out to convince the boys that there was no such things as vampires, but the riot ensued again the following night with even more pupils involved. The headmaster once again had to ensure the boys that there is no such thing as a vampire.

Of course the headmaster wasn't right. Vampires are very real. Eventually the fervor died down, but the presence of the vampire has haunted the Southern Necropolis has remained, with several more accounts coming in ensuing years. This vampire has long been uninvestigated, but now this piece tells it all!! This was made in-house and concludes the investigation that was launched into the Southern Necropolis. Housed in this piece is the original vampire that haunted the school boys so many years ago.

He is a sanguine, but the way he has been conjured into this piece stops him from ever harming anybody who owns the piece. It simply gives the user the ability to conjure his power. As a sanguine vampire, this piece holds abilities such as mind control, full psychic awakening, superhuman strength, superhuman agility, dream-walking, power absorption, and many more. The vampire does have a name that you will have to use to conjure him, but it will be given to you after purchase.

The vampire within this piece is named Athan.

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