FILE 8821: Seventeen Lost Egyptian Pyramids
FILE 8821: Seventeen Lost Egyptian Pyramids
FILE 8821: Seventeen Lost Egyptian Pyramids

FILE 8821: Seventeen Lost Egyptian Pyramids

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ITEM/ Ring

MATERIAL/ Sterling Silver



HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ This is a blood alchemy piece. As such, you will dab a drop of your own blood on a candle. You will then burn that candle while your item is being baptized in the energy of that fire. Allow the candle to burn the whole way down and then your powers will be awakened.

FILE/ Seventeen Lost Egyptian Pyramids

ORIGINS/ This piece comes from the network of 17 lost pyramids.



The year 2011 proved to be a huge success for archaeologists and Egyptologists alike. The presence of 17 lost pyramids were among buildings identified when new satellite imagery of Egypt was taken with infrared technology. It gave a digital snapshot of more than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements that were revealed by looking at infrared images which can detect underground buildings as well as those on surface level.

The results are astounding, even five years later. To say that these findings held a wealth of ancient magic would be a severe understatement, so that won't be said. What will be said is that this piece comes as a result of an excavation outside of modern-day Cairo. This excavation comes as a result of an underground confines that showed up on the infrared imagery during the discovery mentioned above.

The 17 discovered pyramids are part of one network that holds 17 ancient magic forms. These magic forms are different types of magic. Some are spells that can be cast. Others hold magic that allows the user to birth their own entities. Others hold already-born entities that can be summoned for their immense powers. Still others hold ancient magic forms that can be brought to life with the simple touch of the alchemy of human blood.

All of this magic is very powerful. It's like playing "what's behind door number fill-in-the-blank?!" It will keep whoever uses it guessing, so this piece is definitely for those who like a good mystery. What can be said is that after a period of three months that was scheduled exclusively for the testing of this piece, the magic forms are extremely powerful. Any collector, novice or expert, would love to have their hands on these. The opportunity presents itself now!!

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