FILE 8832: Conspiracy of Silence #
FILE 8832: Conspiracy of Silence #
FILE 8832: Conspiracy of Silence #
FILE 8832: Conspiracy of Silence #

FILE 8832: Conspiracy of Silence #

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ITEM/ Necklace

MATERIAL/ We believe it to be sterling silver but we do not know.


TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Works immediately.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Sleep with it under your pillow for two nights so that it becomes attached to your body. You may way it for three days afterwards and it will work.

FILE/ Conspiracy of Silence

ORIGINS/ Unknown



Conspiracy of Silence is a documentary that has never been released because people in power would probably be ruined by it. There’s a lot of information said to exist in this documentary, including a plethora of perverse acts, the abuse of power, and the strings that get pulled behind closed doors by the rich and powerful. Generally speaking, if you’re as cynical as I am, this documentary probably wouldn’t do anything to help your views of humanity.

However, we have seen it and we know that there is more to this documentary than just a bunch of information that will have your stomach churning in disgust. It was created by a group of individuals with the intention of opening the eyes of the ignorant, preparing them, and generally fighting back. At several points in the documentary, there are words that stand out, words that, if you weren’t paying attention to the documentary whatsoever, you would still hear them as they are repeated and often delivered in a way that makes them stand out. They are designed to run through your mind like a verse from a song you just can’t get out of your head.

They are words meant to trigger—they come together as an entire incantation that can be said to awaken someone who may be brainwashed by those in power. This item is encrypted with the incantation. It does not need to be said out loud, but we recommend that the item itself must remain on your person at all times to ensure that you do not become corrupt. You will not be persuaded by anyone or anything to believe anything other than what you choose to believe.

You may not have even been aware of it before when someone was making you believe something that they wanted you to believe, but this will ensure that it never happens again or at all if it hasn’t happened already. We have even learned that some of these people in power have the ability to cloud your third eye, causing you to see less than you actually think. They make it where you are not always aware of someone invading your thoughts, meddling with your visions, or planting beliefs into your mind. This piece will ensure that it never happens again.

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