FILE 9129: Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult #
FILE 9129: Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult #
FILE 9129: Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult #
FILE 9129: Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult #

FILE 9129: Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult #

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ITEM/ Haunted Doll



TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Immediately works.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece.

FILE/ Isla De Las Muñecas, Doll Cult

ORIGINS/ Mexico, Canals in Xochimilco



There is a popular tourist attraction in Mexico where every single tree is decorated with one or more old and mutilated dolls. The dolls are most often seen missing an eye, arm or leg. Anyone who visits this attraction says that there is a constant feeling of being watched and the feeling of cold chills running up and down their spine. There is a presence of some kind. Some believe that this could just be the odd feeling inspired by having thousands of dolls watching in every direction but others believe that the human body reacts based on the presence of what actually exists. This suggest a living breathing being lurking the tress of the Island of Dolls.

At night the air is still and, despite the forest being otherwise void of animal life, there seems to be life lurking among the trees but there is never any sightings of animals. There have even been reports of the dolls' eyes moving or their positions changing. This was originally believed to the work of tourists with a morbid sense of humor.

In 2012, a cult was discovered. They call themselves the Dolls and they live discreetly among the trees. They believe that eyes are oracles given to humans upon birth as a way to bless a birth. They believe that one who is born blind is being punished for the sins of their parents, their bloodline is tainted, or they have had their oracles stolen by demons. They believe that one who goes blind is possessed with demons and so they have been known to reject or even brutally kill blind children or members of the cult who lose their sight.

Each doll suspended from the tree represents the initiation of a new member. The dolls' eyes are often either repainted or completely replaced to reflect the eye color of the initiate after the Awakening Ritual.

The Doll cult believes that everyone born with the ability to see is still obstructed by a form of blindness that must be lifted. It is different from the complete loss of sight. The awakening ritual is a ritual that takes place to allow someone to awaken the part of them that remains innately closed, usually throughout their entire life. When this part of them is awakened, their eye color changes to reflect the color of their spiritual being, which is why the dolls are mostly seen with very light colored eyes.

This item is given to the recently awakened. It is a temporary piece that is passed on or sometimes placed upon the person of the dolls as a sign of graduation. It is not because the power within the piece is not great, it is simply because they no longer need it so they choose to get rid of it.

This item allows for total awakening. The ritual is what activates it. This piece has already been activated, which is why it doesn't require a ritual. Over time, it opens every door in the human mind that allows them to be capable of supernatural abilities. When you come into possession of this piece, once these doors are unlocked, you will gain a plethora of abilities and the ones you already possess, if you possess any, will be strengthened. You will be capable of superhuman speed, shape shifting, telekinetic ability, and the ability to see or watch over areas without actually being present.

Two dolls were selected for us because of their nature. This is one of them.

This is the doll of a deceased woman named Jenny-Lynn Primrose who was best known for her strong and unique psychic ability, which you will inherit after being exposed to her for an extended period of time. She manipulates auras and generates a positive atmosphere, which you will also inherit. You will be able to control the atmosphere and influence how others feel when around you. You may also become able to manipulate thoughts and mindsets subtly.

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