FILE 9192: Lost Tribe of Avalonian Djinn
FILE 9192: Lost Tribe of Avalonian Djinn

FILE 9192: Lost Tribe of Avalonian Djinn

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ITEM/  Bracelet

MATERIAL/   Sterling Silver and Real Gemstones

SIZE/  medium-large


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/   The Djinn is very powerful, but will require a fruit offering to be activated.  You want to set your piece is a bowl of fruit for a period of twenty-four hours and they will be fully awaken.  They it is just a matter of waiting for the djinn to bond with your energy.     

FILE/  Lost Tribe of Avalonian Djinn

ORIGINS/  Avalon, the original land of King Arthur and his Avalonian Djinn



What is known about King Arthur is that he was big into sorcery and alchemy.  These tales of King Arthur are often times dismissed as ancient legends, but it should be remembered that behind every legend is a bit of truth.  In the case of King Arthur and his twelve knights of the round table.  The fact that he had 12 knights of the round table was a hermetic play on Jesus and his twelve disciples.  It was a metaphor that was used because not only was King Arthur a very powerful magician, but he had been able to transform himself into a God on Earth by learning how to expand his DNA to take on the God Chromosome.  This transformation pretty much gave him any power that we could possibly think of, including the ability to open portals and bring back all kinds of entities that he thought were interesting.

Using his ability to open portals and collect entities, the King managed to open quite an impressive collection of other-worldly creatures.  His most impressive though were those called the Avalonian Djinn.  He pulled these djinn from the realm of Grine Djinn.  Grine Djinn are those djinn that are born every time a human being is born.  Each individual person has the right to claim their Grine Djinn, but most of them go unclaimed.  Even after the person with which they were born has passed away, the Grine Djinn keep on living, because they are immortal.  These are the type of Djinn that were collected by King Arthur and brought back to Avalon, the King's Island getaway. 

Once they were taken to Avalon, these djinn were renamed to Avalonian Djinn and they were split up into 12 different tribes of djinn.  They each held equal power, but it was much easier for the King to keep track of these Djinn when they were organized into some kind of tribal system, so that is what he did. Each of the Avalonian Djinn was given a cuff bracelet into which their presence was tied.  The large stone on the bracelet represented the tribe of djinn they belonged to and the twelve minor stones represent the twelve tribes of djinn that King Arthur split them up into.  The reason one of the stones in missing is because that is for the missing Tribe of Avalon.  It represents that one of the tribes went completely AWOL and decided that they weren't staying in Avalon at all.  They dispersed themselves among the general population of the world, taking human aliases.  As soon as they caught on to the fact that the others in the 11 other tribes had removed one of the stones of their bracelets, the lost tribe did it too.  They knew they weren't lost, they just didn't want to be found, so for them it was more like a freedom thing. 

In the end, the way we got this piece is the a group of people who call themselves the New World Royalty found out about Avalon and King Arthur and the Lost Tribe of Avalonian Djinn.  They hired bounty djinn hunters.  The piece was provided to us from a  connection we have who found this bracelet before one of the bounty djinn hunters did. It was meant to go the New World Royalty, but it was intercepted.  Now, this piece has been fully tested and is being offered up for sale. The piece is extremely powerful, but there is no way to get an accurate date on it, because it is immortal just like the djinn that has been bound to it.  The djinn is one of the Lost Tribe, an immortal Avalonian Djinn from the Grine realm. It is extremely powerful and has the ability grant unlimited wishes.  These wishes come in many different forms and include (but are NOT limited to) wishes to grant wealth, wishes to grant fame, wishes to grant healing, wishes to grant full psychic ability, wishes to grant love, wishes to grant immortality, wishes to grant beauty, wishes to grant longevity, wishes for anything that anyone can come up with to wish for. Anything that is wished for shall be granted.  Nothing will be left ungranted.  The number of wishes that this piece brings is unlimited and it can be used time and time again.  The owner of this piece can use the piece to develop a connection to its djinn, which will allow him/her to travel into the Grine realm, where they will be able to experience the birthing of djinn and their powers.  It holds very unique magic; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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