FILE 9210: The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House #
FILE 9210: The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House #
FILE 9210: The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House #
FILE 9210: The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House #

FILE 9210: The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House #

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ITEM/ Watch Necklace

MATERIAL/ Metal - Antique


TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Bonding time is about 30 days.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no special method of activation for this piece, just keep it in your possession

FILE/ The Spirit of Joseph, the Riddle House

ORIGINS/ United States - Palm Beach County, Florida



There is a Victorian house that was once a funeral parlor that is now called the Riddle House and it resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. In the 1920s, one of Riddle's former employees named Joseph committed suicide in the attic by hanging himself.

Joseph despised men. His mother had been a prostitute since before he was born - was the product of her profession - and the men he was exposed to were often foul and abusive. It was not uncommon for his mother to return with fresh bruises. When Joseph was thirteen, a client had strangled his mother to death because he hadn't wanted to pay her. It had been the final push toward settling Joseph's adversity toward other men.

Working for Riddle had been a complete nightmare and up until that point, Joseph had very little wealth and barely a place to call home. His mother had never left anything to him and anything he had ever owned was earned by himself.

Joseph continues to lurk the house and does not allow men to enter the attic because that is where he considers his primary place of residence. He has been known to attack them viciously, either by sending things flying at them or causing them to fall and land on things that could end up seriously harming or even killing them. One man even reported experiencing temporal blindness that could've caused him to fall and break his neck but he had been lucky enough to instead sustain a very minor head injury.

When the employee's body was found, the man had no other personal possessions on his person other than this very item. It allows outer body influence, which he inherited in death. It is very likely that he had not been aware that he would not be allowed to pass on through suicide while in possession of this item so he now wonders angrily and punishes men that trespass.

With this piece, you will be able to go beyond the restrictions of your physical being. You will be unrestrained and be able to do things without other people noticing. You will have complete control over your physical being as well so you can do this passively and without raising suspicion. Anything you desire to do that you can't do while in physical being can be done spiritually through this piece. You can seek revenge, you can acquire wealth, or you can find out secret information you otherwise wouldn't have access to.

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