FILE 9291: Exorcism of Roland Doe #
FILE 9291: Exorcism of Roland Doe #
FILE 9291: Exorcism of Roland Doe #
FILE 9291: Exorcism of Roland Doe #

FILE 9291: Exorcism of Roland Doe #

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ITEM/ Cross

MATERIAL/ Metal and crystals


TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Works immediately.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ No special activation required.

FILE/ Exorcism of Roland Doe

ORIGINS/ United States



Roland Doe was born into a German Lutheran family with whom he lived in Cottage City, Maryland. He was introduced to the Ouija board after expressing interest in it by his aunt who believed in Spiritism, or the belief that human spirits survive death and are capable of communication. After his aunt died, the family experienced bizarre occurrences when Roland was near them. Furniture and other items would shift or levitate, noises would sound randomly, and things would fly across the room similarly to a speeding bullet. It raised suspicion that Roland was either possessed or otherwise attached to an entity.

To any who learned of the family who had seen the strange occurrences, they suggested that they consult a Catholic priest. The family was not convinced that it was all coincidence and they enlisted the help of their pastor, Luther Miles Schulze, who had the boy spend the night so he could be observed closely.

After experiencing similar occurrences himself, the pastor attempted an exorcism alongside several other priests but the boy was not cured. He managed to break free of his restraints and nearly killed one priest with a spring he had ripped from the bottom of the mattress and had nearly crippled another without physically touching him.

The family was forced to enlist help elsewhere, which ended up being in St. Louis where two other priests visited the family at their relatives' home. They reported the bed upon which Roland was restrained shaking, objects levitating all around the room and the boy growling to himself in a completely different language. Rolland also expressed complete disgust for any sacred item placed near or in front of him. He would only acknowledge the priests if they attempted to pray or come near him with a crucifix or holy water, during which he would stop talking to himself and begin to cry out for his parents in attempts to get them to let him go.

When the exorcism took place, Roland stopped calling for his parents upon realizing that they weren't going to help. He began speaking monotonously in the same language while occasionally giggling. An object pelted across the room and broke one of the priests' nose during the exorcism as well. Afterwards, the same priest reported the that the exorcism was effective and that Rolland went on to live normally and completely cured.

Rolland never made it out of the building. The priest was later found hanging from the ceiling beams, suspended by electrical wire.

This was found on his person. He had given his life to lock the demon into this item, his death having sealed it completely. Because this item is the vessel of a demon who once possessed, tainted, and claimed human life, it is an extraordinarily evil piece that cannot be modified. It rejects all enchantments. Though it has not taken a human life since, it can be used for any form of magic including light, dual, and even dark. The magic itself is drawn from an evil source and so one absolutely must be incredibly careful when using this item.

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