FILE 9932: Ancient Alien Civilization and Psychological Control #
FILE 9932: Ancient Alien Civilization and Psychological Control #
FILE 9932: Ancient Alien Civilization and Psychological Control #

FILE 9932: Ancient Alien Civilization and Psychological Control #

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ITEM/ Pendent



TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Starts working immediately, takes up to 5-6 months for you to gain full power.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Take a cleansing salt bath while wearing the piece

FILE/ Ancient Alien Civilization and Psychological Control




There is a site in India upon which a housing development is built that is considered a nuclear site upon which there are signs of a nuclear blast that occurred between 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. This should not be possible. However, thousands of years ago, a small civilization had been established on this site, which is evident in the remains of artifacts that have been found. They called themselves, literally translated, the Future. To hide their existence, it is very likely that they caused an explosion in attempts to hide their existence but we do not know for sure. We do know that they had been capable of building advanced technology that we are still unable to achieve today.

The site remains dangerous and it's area of effect is so large that it results in one of the highest rates of birth defects and cancer in the world. It also has been known to have a psychological affect on people who remain too close to the site for too long. Researchers who have visited this site have reported the conscious lapse in coherent thought as well as completely involuntary actions, which remain entirely unexplained by science. It is because this behavior is a reaction to something we are not yet scientifically aware of or capable of explaining. It is an advanced resonance of manipulation.

I visited this place last summer and had not stayed for too long but had investigated for as long as was considered safe. The site is known for causing irreversible damage within about six to seven hours of consistent exposure. While I was there I did find one item, which was likely not meant to survive the explosion. It was left behind and was perfectly preserved. Whether or not it truly is a mistake that it still exists, you can feel the alien energy that omits from its aura.

This piece controls the brain and handles every aspect in the way it functions. It allows the wearer to be able gain any knowledge that has ever passed through this item; any reason this item has been used, you will see its past. You will be able to look at anything or anyone they desire and be able to gain any knowledge they contain as well. It works on both animals and humans. It allows the wearer to decipher any writing or symbols that may be lurking in one's thoughts - many animals have been known to contain these, especially those who represent a spirit.

After gaining this knowledge, you can also manipulate your own thoughts and brain waves so they fit those of another individual, which you can then use this piece to link your mind with the person of your choosing. While linked, the person will do exactly as you want, when you want, and however you desire for them to do so. You can instill thoughts, which they will believe are their own. You can also lift any veils or blockages that may be in place on your own brain, which will allow complete access to it and all that may be hidden.

Anything you conduct through this piece can be either temporary or permanent - it is for you to decide.

I have seen this piece do unique psychological things while testing on various situations. It had been used to help individuals forget traumatic events. For those who wished to not forget completely but not be emotionally distraught, it has been used to keep their emotions in check. As it can be used to manipulate thoughts and beliefs, it has been used to aid two individuals in relieving problematic individuals from their lives. It has been used on multiple couples to inspire utmost compatibility. However, these are mostly minor things this piece has been used for. It has been used for more serious endeavors.

For example, before this piece was found by myself, as it allows the wearer to see its past, the aliens that had created it had used it to manipulate and condition the minds of humans of a course of centuries, which eventually has become embedded in our DNA. It is why we cannot see aliens for who they really are and why we cannot use our brains to their full potential. The aliens wanted to remain the superior being. This piece eliminates this veil right down to the cellular level it sits. This is complete control over your psyche and potentially those of others as well.

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