FILE 9992: Adjo: Wealth Fit for the Pharaohs
FILE 9992: Adjo: Wealth Fit for the Pharaohs
FILE 9992: Adjo: Wealth Fit for the Pharaohs

FILE 9992: Adjo: Wealth Fit for the Pharaohs

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ITEM/  Necklace with Pendant

MATERIAL/  Sterling silver, authentic crystal, authentic stone

SIZE/  The Pendant is about 3”


HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR PIECE/  Adjo requires a fruit offering in order to begin working for his owner.  This means that entire piece will be placed into a bowl of fruit for a period of no less than three days.  Then, the piece will be worn, which will develop a bond between adjo and the owner.  It can take up to 45 days to begin to see results.    

FILE/  Adjo: Wealth Fit for the Pharaohs

ORIGINS/  From the Great Inverted Pyramid in the Egyptian Desert



The item that is listed has been recovered from an inverted pyramid that has been built by modern-day practitioners of the ancient faith.  Most modern-day religious beliefs in Egypt reflect those of either Islam or Coptic Christianity.  There are those that still adhere to the ancient ways.  Some of these people live in what is called an inverted pyramid.  Simply put, this is a pyramid that is built into the Earth rather than being built toward the skies.  The base is at ground level and it descends into the ground to a capstone, where the power of the pyramid is kept. 

The people that live in the inverted pyramid are all immortals.  They live in the constant power of the pyramid.  Their skin has changed over time, due to their constant contact with the powers of this pyramid.  They are an opalescent color and they glow many different colors.  If they come to the surface for whatever reason, the change colors in the sun, because they catch the rays and their bodies automatically synthesize these energies into powers.  They are a very powerful type of people. 

The inverted pyramid is built in the deserts of Egypt.  This item comes from the capstone of this pyramid, which is buried deep beneath the ground.  The item is not terribly old itself, but the powers that have been set into it are from ancient times.  The piece conjures an ancient entity that belongs to the great Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great.  He was the 3rd Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty.  He has since gone on to his spot of greatness in Field of Rushes, the Egyptian afterlife, also known as Aaru. 

In those days, a person’s spot of greatness was determined by the way they were embalmed and entombed.  It was common practice for the predecessors of kings to deface the graves of those before them.  This way, when the current king got to Aaru, all of the other kings would be below them, because their majesty just wouldn’t measure up.  This is why when Ramses II was buried he was buried with an entity that was in charge of two things:  to act a guardian of his tomb and also to guard the treasure that was built up by Ramses II during his life.  The Pharaohs were buried with their wealth, so this way they could have it in the afterlife. 

The entity that was buried with Ramses II was a unicorn from the Field of Rushes.  Not only did the unicorn protect Ramses II grave and secure his treasure, but he built his treasure to an astounding amount.  The unicorn was built with this power and when it was invoked by Ramses II to protect his tomb, the unicorn took his job very seriously and amplified the already massive amount of wealth and multiplied it hundreds of times. 

The unicorn’s name is Adjo and it is the entity that has been set into this item.  Adjo is ancient and also immortal.  He is very powerful, which is why this subterranean race of magicians decided to call him forth.  He brings great wealth and he has brought great wealth to these people.  As they described it, it was an unsurpassable amount of wealth that has allowed them to develop everything they have built.  It is impressive at very least.  The reason the people were willing to part with this item is because Adjo has already provided them with enough wealth to support their existence for millennia to come. 

This item brings sheer wealth.  There is no wealth piece around that does wealth like Adjo does.  He has been around for such a long time that he knows all of the places that wealth come from and he will bring them to his owner and lay these powers at his owner’s feet.  The wealth that comes with Adjo is unimaginable wealth.  It is wealth that was fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh.  Not much else needs to be said.  

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