Fire Queen Grine Djinn
Fire Queen Grine Djinn

Fire Queen Grine Djinn

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First and foremost, I just want to say that this piece is missing stones. This is simply due to the fact that these earrings have been worn time and time again, not just by us but by the people that we got them from. We got these earrings from one of the fringe magic groups from London's underground metaphysical and paranormal scene. They are the same type of group that goes chasing after vampires and werewolves and then wonders one day why one of their group members ends up without their left hand. Either way, we are grateful for them because without them this piece wouldn't have been possible, because it is the group that we got this piece from. Where they received their magical training and how they knew that the entity that lives in this piece was up for grabs is far beyond me. I was just impressed that they were able to obtain the entity in the first place, given how powerful it is.

We call this piece the fire queen because like all djinn it was from of the smokeless flame. However, this one is very special indeed. This is not just a normal djinn but a Grine djinn. we have offered grine djinn before and despite the fact that there is an abundance of them available, it is actually quite rare for a human to be in control of one of these types of djinn. The Grine Djinn are the type that are born every time a human is born. This djinn correlates to the soul of the newborn and can be equated to a guardian angel, although unless there is a connection that is developed between the two of them, there is never much guarding going. So, there are like 9 Billion of these djinn floating around in a realm that was designed specifically for them, most of who aren't connected to their human twin because humans have become so stupid these days that they don't know anything about spirituality. What has boggled my mind is how the hell the Queen of England, with all her magic, had no idea that hers existed in the first place. How do I know she doesn't know about her Grine Djinn? Because we own it. It is the one that we call the Fire Queen.

So, the way Grine Djinn work is that they feed their human powers and magic--whatever the human ask for. It doesn't work the other way around. So, although this piece is the twin Grine of the Her Royal Majesty, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, you will not be funneled all the magic that she has ever used or created. However, her Grine is old, just like she is. It is 92 years old to be exact. While this is still infancy compared to some djinn that have existed, this is still quite a bit of time for her Grine to be floating around somewhere in "Grine Land" learning how to use djinn magic. When you own this piece, you own the connection to this djinn, because it has been rerouted to connect to the person who owns this piece. As such, you will be able to ask this royal grine, the Fire Queen, for any type of magic that you want. Literally, she will grant you anything that you want apart from Immortality. You will simply state what you want out loud while you are wearing your piece and she will go to work on that for you. She will then deliver the magic directly to you. She also has the ability to grant wishes, as this is a typically a universal djinn power. As such, you will also be able to state, out loud, the things that you wish for and they will come to pass.

How you use this piece is entirely up to you. The choice is yours, but this piece is definitely a piece of power. Remember, some of the stones ARE missing, but this will not affect how the piece works. I cannot tell you why they chose earring for this power. What I can tell you is they are very powerful and they can be set into a charging box with any other piece so that way the powers and the abilities and your connection Queen Elizabeth II's grine djinn can be transferred. I'm not a big fan of earrings myself, but the power in this set would have me thinking otherwise!!

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